Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Equestrian Must Haves

When I buy equestrian-related products either for me or my animals, I am very opinionated.  There are only certain things I will buy at this stage of my life, products that are proven (to me anyway), last, are worth what you pay for them. If I can't find these when I need them, typically I just go without.

Here are some examples.

Sega needs a new sheet. I layer with these in winter, use a lot in the spring and fall. The only one I will buy is a Baker sheet.

I will only buy Rambo turnout blankets. Granted they are more expensive but they hold up, they do not rub (generally speaking) and you can easily resell these if you ever need to.

The only wraps I will buy are Wilkers.  These are just the best.  Fluffy but not so much that the horses don't like them.  They hold up.

The only riding britches I buy (for showing) are Ariat's.  I like them because the legs are tight.  I can get my boots on over them unlike Tailored Sportsman.  They also hold up well.

The only riding coats I buy are Grand Prix.  Mainly because they fit.  I have tried other brands and have had them altered, but these are just the best.  They have gotten very expensive, but you don't need too many of these and they won't go out of style, and you can easily sell them if you need to.

I only buy Wilkers saddle pads (for horse shows). These you will need to replace very few years but I just like these the best.  Always take your saddle in to fit the pad when buying one just to make sure.  Dover's sells these.

I am not a big supplement person so I don't load up my horses on all kinds of expensive products that may or may not work. But these are the two that I use.  Two of my horses get Platinum Performance.  They are easy keepers, don't get a lot of grain, so this just acts as a supplement to ensure that they are getting the right amount of vitamins and minerals.  It is shipped directly to your door.  A 25-pound bucket lasts me about 3-4 months. 

The other supplement that I use is Cosequin ASU.  This is a joint supplement that helps "lubricate" the horses' joints.  (I need this too).  This has really helped my older mare. Now I put all of them on it. Can't hurt.  It is not as expensive as some but it can save thousands in vet bills in the long run.  You can order this on the Internet.

Other brands I am partial to:  Patagonia, the warmest!

Marmot, also great and warm but harder to find than Patagonia.

Barbour for outerwear thats fit perfectly in the country.

And lastly, Dubarry.  My boots are one of the best purchases I have made.  These are just the best.  Warm, comfortable, functional, can wear to dinner or to the barn.  Worth every penny!

So what's on your list?  Has Santa seen it! 


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