Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Horse Rider's Journal

If you like your horse magazines upper crust, then The Horse Riders Journal is just the ticket. It's a different breed of equestrian magazine, with forays into high end fashion, polo and other activities at the gentrified end of horse ownership. You can buy a copy here:


The magazine is published in Denmark and hit the market about a year ago.  It is sold in 20 countries and is published four times a year.  They have a wonderful Facebook site:


Why can't we produce something like this here in the US?


  1. You ask why such a magazine isn't produced in the US. Actually, there have been several efforts to create a magazine of this type here. Generally they have not been a commercial success. The past several years have been extremely difficult for print magazines as they've faced so much competition from online sources.

    It's not clear that the Horse Rider's Journal is a success yet either, with only a year of publication to its credit; its sales and subscription figures and ad revenue would be interesting to see. Probably it was capitalized to operate for a few years before it was expected to start turning a profit, so we can't know yet if it's profitable. But despite the economic problems Europe is facing, riding is a more popular sport in places like Germany, Holland, Denmark, and even Eastern Europe than there are here in the US, so there are more potential buyers for upscale magazines of horsemanship.

  2. Thanks for posting! Glad you like our mag :)
    Kind regards from Denmark

    Maria Graae
    The Horse Rider's Journal

  3. I absolutely love love the magazine...get it at Barns and Noble book stores as I am a pristine magazine freak (the postman always ruins my magazines, bent up torn etc.) I have just discovered it too!! Autumn 2012


  4. Barns &Noble..follow the money as they sayand the investments in this magazine..
    With the internet, even before things hit the market they are copied ,,,,,,
    The publisher who launched it and pretends to be a rider, hates equestrian shows, and sits with her back turned whenever she has to attend those things...


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