Monday, May 7, 2012

Of Technology and Horses

How was your weekend?  Here?  Wet!  Mow!  More mowing!  The darker side of farm life. Loved the Derby upset!  Did anyone on the planet see that one coming?

My older mare is starting to show her age again, unfortunately.  But that's part of life I guess.  But thank goodness, we live in an age of incredible technology, that allows for new products to help us all age!  Some of this stuff is just good common sense, but how much easier is it for all of when someone else thought of it, packaged it and sells it?

Horses, like people, can have joint issues that affect their performance. Generally in horses you see it in the hocks (like a back elbow on a horses hind leg) or in the stifles (the area immediately above the hock). These are the joints the horse uses to suspend off the ground. When these go you are in big trouble.  Sometimes the knees get sore..  Many horses get sore backs. 

Like in human athletes, you can service these areas, taking out inflammation using heat and cold and also magnetic therapy.  You can also use a vet to "inject" these problem but you can only do that so often and it is expensive.  Joint supplements are another option.

"Back on Track" is a line of horse care products that use ceramic-infused fabric that reflect the body's warmth in the form of FAR infared wave.  This helps improve mobility and performance in horses.  They also make products for people and dogs!  Many well known riders (Olympians) use their products.  This is the Ceramic Mesh Sheet.  It is supposed to help the horse's muscles recover faster and is used for sore backs and shoulders.  You can find these products online and at better tack shops. 

Back on Track Hock Boots help treat arthritic joints.  Hocks are typically a problem for many horses, especially older ones with lots of mileage. Some horses just have arthritic hocks too.

Here is a Back on Track brace for people!  These supposedly work well, but I have not used one of these.  They make them for your arms too! 

Ice therapy is another option for horses, just like for people.  You hear the stories of the world class tennis players taking ice baths after a hard match.  It must work!  The Ice Horse Cold Water System Boots eliminate stall and stable clean up by remaining closed and dry throughout the therapy session. Simply add two quarts of water and a 5.5 lb. bag of hard cubed ice and you're all set! Provides up to eight hours of continuous, convenient, and reliable ice-cold relief to reduce soft tissue inflammation. 

A much cheaper version is somewhat like an ice pack that you apply to certain areas of the horse.  They come with ice packs that you put in the freezer.  Pretty easy!  These boots are for the stifles!


Another option is Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy is widely and effectively used as a non-invasive treatment for pain relief. By stimulating and regenerating cell tissue, it is a highly popular form of therapy for muscles, ligaments, bone repair, wound healing and blood revitalization. Optimum treatment times are 30 minutes. Portable battery operated blanket has 10 embedded coils to treat withers, shoulders, back, stifles and hind quarters.

Hope none of you need ice, magnetic therapy or back on track products today!  Happy Monday!

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  1. I use the Back on Track back brace all the time and love it!


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