Friday, October 11, 2013

Funky Foulard

Foulard has come a long way.  No, it's come a really long way.  So what is foulard you might be asking.....

According to Wikipedia:

A foulard is a lightweight fabric, either twill or plain-woven, made of silk or a mix of silk and cotton. Foulards usually have a small printed design of various colors. Foulard can also refer by metonymy to articles of clothing, such as scarves and neckties, made from this fabric.[1]
Foulard is believed to have originated in the Far East. The word comes from the French word foulard, with the same proper and metonymic meanings.[2]
In modern French, foulard is the usual word for a scarf or neckerchief.
Home decor use of foulard fabric: "Wall coverings are check, tattersalls, and foulards."[3]

Modern foulard (from J Crew, fall 2013):

Not so modern foulard, from the 1950's:
Maybe your dad wore foulard ties?  Are they still in?

Here's a more modern version.....

And I love this!

This, not so sure...

Love it when something old is made new again!  Enjoy your weekend!

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