Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Best Consignment Tack Shops

Horse-related tack and equipment is expensive.  It's always been that way and for that reason, buying gently used tack is a great way to outfit the horse and rider.  Selling your unwanted horse items is also a great way to get some return on your pricey investment. 

There are several good sources in the Virginia and Mid-Atlantic Region that you may not know about. If you don't live close-by, you can call to locate an item and sometimes you can ship your own tack to consign.  And there's no better way to buy an expensive saddle than finding one that's been used. It's like buying a used car in good condition - if it's been taken care of, it's an economical way to purchase.  Here are some sources to buy and sell....

1) The Middleburg Tack Exchange
This is the standard by which all others are judged.  Located on a side street just off the main drag, Route 50, in Middleburg, Virginia the owner keeps the store stocked full of used and some new items (she buys inventory from stores going out of business) at great prices.  I've bought and sold all kinds of equipment here through the years - Barbour jackets, a top hat, hunting attire, coolers, blankets, horse boots, books.  It's a great source for horse and rider.  The inventory is constantly changing and because Middleburg is a "horse nirvana" and home to Olympians in dressage, eventing and show jumping, you'll never know what you'll find here.  This is the best source as well for used hunting attire and equipment.  It's worth a trip to Middleburg just to stop by this place.  Shop the site here.

2) Changing Reins, Inc.
Located in Ashland, Virginia, south of Washington, DC and just north of Richmond, this store has a website.  You can find it here.  You can't purchase items via the web, but you can always call and ask if looking for a specific item.

3) The Snooty Fox
Located north of Atlanta, GA, you can find a few saddles on this store's website.  See it here.

4) Tack Solutions
Located in Phoenix, AZ this company has a strong web site so you can shop online.  They offer all kinds of tack for various disciplines. Access the site here

5) I Sell Tack
Also based in Virginia, this company caters to the AA show crowd and offers a wide selection of used saddles and new high end tack.  The owner rides the A Circuit and knows her stuff. You can demo used saddles too which is a great way to buy. Rachel (the owner) is great to work with and can help find you the saddle you need for less.  Check out her saddle inventory here.

6) Maryland Saddlery
This is another source for used saddles.  There is a limited web site here.

Are there others out there that you'd recommend?


  1. Equus Now. They have a huge inventory not only consignment but close outs as well in the consignment room.Used saddles galore. They have a great range of price points for the riders just starting all the way to circuit riders throughout the store.


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