Monday, April 2, 2018

The Elusive Utilitarian Straw Handbag

For years, I've been wanting to find a fabulous straw bag that I could wear with everything I own starting in late spring through Labor Day.  Why does this not exist?

Sure, you can find cute bags to wear to parties, to carry a phone and a lipstick, like this bag from J McLaughlin, but I'm talking about utility, versatility in a bag that can do it all.

This one is cute but I don't think it's versatile.

Getting warmer....but you need to rob a bank for this one..

I like the style of this one, but it's also expensive and the color will limit its usefulness.

Another cute one with a high price and less versatile due to the black trim:

Getting warmer....

Getting much warmer.  Love this one!

And I love this one from Talbots!  Great size, the lining is gingham and it's on sale right now.

Maybe it is out there after all!


  1. Ann:
    Where do the one with the blue leather and the one with white leather come from. I like them.
    Thanks. Amanda

    1. The links are above for each bag.

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