Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Horses and Shoes - Malone Souliers

If you could design fabulous shoes and be a world class equestrian, you might be Mary Alice Malone who co-founded Malone Souliers with Roy Luwolt in 2014.  While Malone departed the brand in 2018 for a few months and later returned, the shoe line is still pumping out luxury shoes that appeal to teenagers and grandmothers alike.  Sales seem to be skyrocketing but you can see why......

The shoes are expensive but can be found right now on sale at Net-a-Porter, Bergdorf's, Shopbop and other places, they are classic enough to be worn for years. I love the flats with the bows - perfect for dress up.

Keep on eye on this one - and the story is a good one. 

Monday, June 24, 2019

Le Fash Paulo Alto Shirts for Summer

I am in love with these cute summer shirts for riding or not.  They are adorable, comfortable and strikingly different.  Wear them to ride.  Wear with shorts or jeans.  Play golf in them.  Love. Love. Love. The sleeves are mesh.  They come also in a zip front model.  See them here.

Friday, June 21, 2019

Friday Find - Serious Shoe Sales

If you love a bargain then you're in luck.  There are some serious shoe sales going on right now, with some great deals on high end shoes that are difficult to resist.

These adorable flats from Tabitha Simmons are now $166, 60 percent off.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Caftan Chic

While my lifestyle has no room for caftans, I love the look and would love to own a few of these if I had somewhere to wear them.  Maybe in my next life I can live a leisurely life with a pool!  Here are some cute caftans in case they fit your lifestyle. 

Monday, June 17, 2019

Things I Miss

Waxing nostalgia comes easy these days as there are so many things I really miss in today's world that are likely never to return.  My list is long, but here's a start.....

1) Snail Mail
I miss that people no longer write letters and the engraved monogram stationary market must be totally dead or at the very least on major life support.  When was the last time you received a real thank you note?

2) Fine Linens
Do you ever see fine linens anymore except in designer show houses? Monogrammed bath mats, sheets, nice plush towels?

3) Sit Down Dinners in the Dining Room
Does anyone even have a dining room today or if so, is it ever used? 

4) Dressing Up
Cocktails?  I was astounded during a recent trip to see how people dress when they travel.  Many looked like they had just crawled out of bed, literally.  It was awful to see.  Dresses?  Can we also ban flip flops in airports and nice restaurants?

5) Fine China
I was in a local consignment store recently and it was full of great china - Herend, Royal Doulton, Lenox - the old stuff.  No one wants this stuff apparently.  But if you don't serve dinner you don't need fine china. Paper anyone?

6) Outside Courses
You'll never see these again IMHO.

7) Talking to People in Real Life
Look around next time you are in a restaurant.  People sit at tables and text.  They don't talk at all.  At my house phones are not allowed at the dinner table. 

8) Vintage Lilly
Vintage is best.  I still wear some of the old stuff I have found on Poshmark.  Love the old!  It's usually cotton and fully lined.  And that lace embellishment is not made in China.

9) The Old J Crew
The current 2019 J Crew is on life support.  Take me back to 2008!

And why we are at it, can we kill Athleisure? If you are a runner then by all means put on your Nike running shorts and shoes and wear them but don't pretend that you do. 

Sunday, June 16, 2019

It's All in the Shade

Nothing updates an old lamp better than a fantastic lamp shade.  You can take an inexpensive lamp and make it look expensive with the right shade.  And shades get old and dirty and need to be replaced.  When I moved into the farm house I took many lamps and updated the shades. it is almost time for a reboot.

There is the most fantastic lamp store in Charlottesville, VA (shop their site here) that has the most incredible (but expensive) lamp shade selection I have seen. But I imagine there are good stores in most big markets.  You can't buy a shade off the Internet, you have to try it on the lamp.  You can change the harp too to give your lamp a totally new look.

And I love that patterned shades are back in style again.

You can also decorate with cute, fun shades for your chandalier.

If you are daring enough to shop for shades on the Internet then Etsy is the best source.  The prices are great too.  Love this one!

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Thursday Treasure Hunt

It's almost the end of the week.  TGIT!  Here are some fun finds this second Thursday in June.

1) Hand-Painted Jungle Mules
Love these hand painted mules, perfect to wear right now.

2) Puffy Tiger Headband
Did you know that headbands are back in a big way? Love this one for fall and beyond.

3) White Birkenstocks
Love these white ones that scream summer.  They'll go with everything you own.

4) Lattice Garden Stool
Love this garden stool - it will go everywhere!  See it here.

5) Vintage Horse Scarf
Love this very reasonably priced silk scarf that will go with everything you own!  See it here.

6) Vintage Thelwell Books
Remember the Thelwell ponies?  Love these old books from back in the day. Loved these cartoons!  See them here.
7) Madewell Apron Dress
Love this fun dress for summer!  See it here.

8) Fun Dinnerware
Love this fun dinnerware from Katie Klime.  Perfect for the patio.  See it here.

9) Woven Bistro Bar Cart
Love this bar cart - for wherever!  See it here.

10) Pink Layered Necklace
Love this fun necklace that will go with everything this summer. See it here.

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