Sunday, January 26, 2020

Made in the Shade - Refurbish Your Lamps

Yesterday was a girls' day out over the mountain, with my good friend Molly. We visited the regular haunts - Caspari, Ivy Nursery, the needlepoint store and hit some good sales along the way......

One of my favorite spots is the lampshade store where I took a lamp that needed some sort of refresh.  I liked the shade but it was plain and could not decide whether to replace the shade or not.  It's amazing how you can "redo" even a plain lamp with a great shade.  I decided that the round shades were just either too big or two small for the lamp. 

These shades are expensive and I did not like the look of a larger round shade on this floor lamp and the shade I had was not old and was in good condition. So instead I opted for a new fun finial.

And voila.....

Here are a few of my other lamp projects.....

This lamp is a cheap $30 lamp from Target, bought years ago. It came with a cheap black shade.  I added the new shade and the finial and this is now one of my favorite lamps.

This is a 30+ year-old lamp that sat in my tack room for years with a cheap Target shade.  I dusted it off, took it to the lamp store and it now sits in my master bath.

This is a Wildwood lamp that I bought about 10 years ago. It came with a contemporary drum shade that was very large, too large for this spot but I liked the lamp. So I added this shade and it's in my master bedroom.

I have a pair of these lamps. They are very old but I like the scale of them.  When I moved to the farm I took them to the lamp store and found the perfect shades for them - these shades were made for these lamps. The photo distorts them a bit but the look is perfect.

Here are some photos from the lamp store's website. If you need a lamp refresh throw them in the car and make the trek. The shades are expensive but you can take a very good quality older lamp and make it new again. And they also have a nice collection of Spitzmiller lamps (one day). 

I love making something old brand new again!  Happy Sunday!

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Wide Brimmed Riding Helmets

With the new year, this year, comes a new riding helmet.  I take riding with a good helmet very seriously.  Never, ever do I get on a horse without one.  Too many freak accidents have happened where people have been killed or injured very seriously without head protection.  That being said, I don't often buy a new one but decided to look at the wide brimmed helmets which protect your face from the sun.  And they've gotten better looking over the years.

This is a not a post promoting any brand.  Buying a helmet and fitting it properly are individual decisions and you must find one that fits you.  The brand that fits me the best is Charles Owens.  I also own a Samshield and love the look but it does not fit me as well as the CO. GPS helmets are great looking and very popular in the hunter world but they do not fit me.

I love the look of the Charles Owens. They make two helmets that offer the wide brim that is suitable for the hunters. As a Virginia-based hunter rider, there is no bling on helmets here in Virginia. None.ever.not.just say no.

This is the new version with offers MIPS technology, supposedly the latest and greatest for head protection.  This one currently only comes in this finish.  The CO helmets are also on sale until the end of January and this rarely happens.

 This is their other version (with bling, the horror) but these have been around for a long time and you can get these in various finishes - the leather look (which I prefer), the more traditional velvet like finish and you can customize these too adding stripes, more bling, etc.

 Here is the Samshield version. I like the look but it is not as comfortable to me as the CO:

Here is the GPA version which offers a slightly wider brim. It comes in navy and black and likely can be customized too.

Here is a customized GPS model, but just say no to the bling!


One K also makes a wider brim model.  This is a newer brand but also very popular and not as expensive as Samshield and GPS:

I'll let you know what I end up with - trying them on next week. Make sure you have your helmet fitted by someone who knows helmets.  They can stretch out and it's a big investment.  You can be fashionable and safe at the same time and protect yourself from the sun's harmful rays. 

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Mario Buatta's Fabulous Connecticut House

With the Mario Buatta auction taking place today in New York, there's been lots of press about the late great decorator, the "King of Chintz" including the gothic house he purchased in the early 90's with much fanfare.  For various reasons, he hardly started the renovation and then left the house sitting in a state of decay. It was for sale, $500K cash (he paid $400K for it 30+ years ago).  It needs a total renovation but you can easily understand what he saw in this gem of a house.....

Even the barn is stunning....I read somewhere that Mario added the horse heads when he started the renovation that was never completed.

Be My Valentine

It doesn't have to be Valentine's Day to love valentines.  You can celebrate this one all year long if you'd prefer.  There's nothing nicer than a heart to remind us of those we adore....Or if nothing else, a heart makes us smile.  Let's not limit hearts to February 14th.

This lovely heart wreath makes a great door wreath or hang in a kitchen, a bath, or in a hallway.

This Coeurs cosmetics bag from D. Porthault is something we can all use and I love the pattern. 

I love these heart pop-up sponges which are more fun than the regtangular ones, don't you think?

Or these heart-shaped paper plates that are perfect for spring.

Or this Kate Spade heart sweater.

Or this adorable heart scarf:

Or this laptop/iPad Sleeve:

Or these vintage Pottery Barn plates:

Love these cork placements!

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