Monday, October 26, 2020

Gift Ideas for the Cook

Since the pandemic started we have not dined out even once, even outdoors.  I've picked up take-out a few times and more recently hit the Wendy's drive through (for taco salads) but that's about it.  No plans to dine at a restaurant anytime soon sadly.   And during the week I use Home Chef (two meals delivered on Tuesday) will cover three nights, most weeks. But in the interim I like to cook, my only roadblock is time between working and farm life.

Since most of us are cooking, add a few gifts ideas to make his or her life in the kitchen easier, tastier, or more convenient. Here are a few picks.

Having good pots and pans making cooking so much easier.  I love my collection of All Clad pots but also love Le Creuset. You can never have too many of these, in various sizes and colors.  Hint - I have picked some up at TJ Maxx but the prices at WS are good too when they have a sale as these are investment pieces.

This is a tool that I don't have that I wish I did have to peel sweet potatoes. This would make my life a lot easier. It can peel a lot more than potatoes. See it here.

Someone gave me a pizza stone years ago and I have loved it ever since. This is not something I would have bought but I use it for more than pizza. But if you use it only for pizza it is so much easier (and the crust is crispier) than using a cookie sheet or tin foil. Add this to your kitchen!  See it here.

Since we can't go to Paris perhaps we can bring Paris into the kitchen with this lovely book. See it here.


This is a great size for any kitchen and the price is fantastic. You can't put these in the dishwasher however. See it here.

I researched salt and pepper mills this summer and bought these for hubby's cabin kitchen and now I want a pair of these for the farmhouse kitchen. These are super and you can spend a fortune on these. Grinding pepper somehow makes a dish taste better.  You can buy these at Amazon also. See them here.

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Duly Noted


A perfect gift. A chic way to add a special note to a gift. Collect them. Hoard them.  Give them to the person for which you have no idea what to buy them. Who doesn't love a great personalized or monogrammed set of note pads?  Ready.Set.Go....

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Traditional Tartan

I just never get tired of anything tartan.  Whether clothes, dishes, fabric, stationary, this "trend" never seems to fade. Like this tartan vest from Talbots.

Leggings anyone? Also from Talbots:

Or even this plaid belt, also from Talbots.

Love this J Crew candle, in the tartan box, a perfect gift to give for the holidays.

Order tartan ribbon for your holiday gifts.

Want to learn more about tartan?

Love these preppy tartan headbands. We wore these in high school.

Love this vintage tartan bracelet:

These updated tartan plates from Crate and Barrel are more modern tartan:

Remember Pendleton plaid?

Love these bay leaf wreaths with tartan ribbons. Perfect for the holiday season:

Hoping you add some tartan to your holiday this year.

Friday, October 23, 2020

2021 Needlepoint Christmas Ornaments - Part 2

I am very serious about adding a plethora of ornaments to my 2021 tree. Here are few new ones.....

Love this tree and it was ordered this week.

Love this pink house ornament:

Love the colors in this ornament. See it here.

 Love this one. See it here.

Rabbit love. Even at Christmas. See this one here.

Since we can't travel perhaps we should start stitching places we love and have been...Love this one.

If you are into whimsical stitching then you'll love this blog, this book and this bio.....


Thursday, October 22, 2020

Thursday Tidbits

 It's a beautiful fall day here in Virginia, with more warm weather in store (but not too warm). There is no reason to be indoors right now unless absolutely necessary. Please stay safe everyone.This virus is getting much worse. 

So what's on my radar this morning?

Love these new pads from Lycette which are sure to sell out very quickly.  These will make a great gift for the stitcher in your world.  See them here.

Am in love with these needlepoint rugs but I need to win the lottery first. See the collection here.

Love this wreath for the holidays!

Plan early for your holiday decorating this year. Still looking for the perfect boxwood garland to use year after year. My Ballard one has not held up. Looking at this one at Etsy as you can order it by the length.  Most are too short for a door frame so you need to order two. See this one here.

Another one but short. See it here.

Love these bunny gift cards. Perfect gift to get or give. 

LOVE these staffordshire ornaments. Use them to decorate more than just the tree.

On the ornament front, is this not the cutest? See it here.

Love this hand painted wine glass. See it here.

Love these melamine salad plates for the holidays. See them here.

And more cute ornaments. I'd love to do a wreath with these. How cute!  

Happy Thursday. Stay in unless you have to go out. Order online. Vote!

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Magnolia at Home's Holiday Collection at Target

I am planning for the holidays now!  I know it's way too early but in 2020, nothing is too early.  We are all going to be shopping online and UPS and FedEx are overworked already. Do not wait until December to do your online holiday shopping if you want stuff under under your tree.

With that bit of forecasting, Target launched their Magnolia holiday collection this week and there's lots to love especially at these prices. The quality has generally been decent. Don't procrastinate.....Shop the collection here.

Love these Christmas tree plates to mix and match. And the greenery on the table is nice and it is so hard to find decent faux greenery. Love the wrapping paper and ribbon too.

Love these copper lanterns. Fill them up with shiny ornaments for a festive holiday look.

Love this serving tray:

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Sunday Musings

Happy to report that Alfie was the "good" Alfie yesterday and brought home the tricolor.  It was a fun afternoon out and we can look forward to one more show in early November as Madison is still recovering.

This frosty Sunday morning brings some more fun finds......

Love these plates. Let's face it, this pandemic mode we are in, well it's likely going to be with us for another nine to twelve months and even then, life won't return to "normal" for quite some time so let's adapt to sheltering in place in style.  I am refreshing the farm room by room......

These plates will be perfect for the patio or pull out the reds and greens and use them for the holiday season.


Anxious to order this new book that comes out this week.....You can pre-order on Amazon.  Here's an overview....

A treasure trove of Bunny Mellon’s garden design philosophy and advice from her personal archive.

Garden Secrets of Bunny Mellon is for anyone who has enjoyed time spent in a garden, from aspiring garden makers to those who manage large estates. This collection is comprised of extracts from Bunny’s own writings and garden notes, as well as photographs and drawings from her archive.

Chapters are organized by Atmosphere (sky, horizon, shadows), Climate, Light, Space, Shape, Maintenance, and more―readers will feel as if Bunny Mellon has come alongside as a gardening guide and friend.

Bunny Mellon was of the affluent class and mingled along with her husband, Paul Mellon, in the circles of the East Coast gentry of the Kennedy and Reagan eras. But Mrs. Mellon, as she was respectfully called by those professional gardeners who worked with her most, wasn’t snooty about social position or afraid to get her hands dirty in the rich soil of her family’s Virginia farm. Beyond this, Bunny Mellon was known nationally and internationally as a style icon of her time, enjoying friendships with Givenchy, the Kennedys, and the like. Her personal passion was for design, and that was exhibited in her fashion and her garden.

A late acquaintance, Linda Holden learned that Bunny wanted to write a gardening book but never found the time. Searching the family’s archive after Mrs. Mellon’s death, the editors―whom all shared personal relationships with Bunny―discovered a trove of photographs, illustrations, and writings and have now turned it into the how-to gardening book Bunny had hoped to write.

 Love this skirt from Talbots. I'd pair it with a fitted black turtleneck and tights for cooler weather.

Love this new shirt from Ariat, perfect for fall and winter riding and layering.

Is this not the cutest birdhouse you've seen in a long time? See it here.

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