Friday, April 18, 2014

Pink and Green

It's Easter, spring, what better time to celebrate pink and green, a favorite combination.  You don't have to love preppy or live in the south to adore this combination or even just pink!

 Boden Skirt

 (Shades of Light)


Enjoy your Easter.  Think pink and green!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Derby Dress

It's just around the corner!  Do you have your dress? Hat?  Shoes? Bag?  If no, then maybe we can help, with the help of my favorite place to buy a dress, Monkees. Monkees has stores in cities like Nashville, Greenville (SC), Lexington, Louisville, Richmond, Winston-Salem, and a few others.  I can always find something I love here. 

And they never order more than a few dresses in any one style so you won't see ten people wearing your dress.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


The book came late yesterday afternoon and I spent the evening with the new must read if you love linens. Jane Scott Hodges, the founder of Leontine Linens, has put together what will become the "Bible" for linen lovers everywhere.  Rush out to wherever and pick this one up right away.  You won't be disappointed.

Makes you want to go out and monogram everything!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Palm Beach Posh

With the lovely weather this weekend, it made me think of warm weather, sunshine and bright colors.  More! But with another storm rolling in this evening, spring will again be taken away.  So I'll leave you with warm weather thoughts, Palm Beach posh!  I love the Palm Beach look - clean lines, bright colors, Lilly.

This Jonathan Adler Bar has the right look.....

 Loving this Elizabeth McKay top in shocking pink:

And of course, Lilly everything!

And you can get posh on a pauper's budget from Pier One this spring.  All of these came from Pier One.  Gotta love it!

Enjoy.  We can dream about being in Palm Beach right now, can't we?

Friday, April 11, 2014

Lovely Lola - New Pics

Lola arrived in January and after a few very cold months, she's settled in nicely to farm life.  She gets turned out with Sega and has bonded well with "the master."  She'll have the spring and summer off, enjoying life until she starts work in the fall.  I had to wait until the weather improved, the blankets came off, to snap some photos. Thank goodness spring finally arrived!

She has real personality, likes to show off, is very friendly and kind.  Lots of potential to tap into and we love her already!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Kentucky Derby Party Primer, Part One

It's less than a month until the "Run for the Roses" and I've wanted to host a Derby Party forever.  It coincides with a horse show I like to attend so for this year at least, we're doing a fantasy Derby Party.  I hope others out there have parties to celebrate this fun event.  If not, then maybe I can inspire you.

First things first.  The invitation. A cute and clever invitation is a must.  Here are a few ideas....

Menu ideas.  Here are some great cookbooks that might give you menu ideas beyond the prerequisite Mint Julep:

I like appetizer food for a Derby Party, here are a few more ideas.... Mint Julep cupcakes!

Another Mint Julep dessert!

Etsy is a great source for cookies.  They can overnight them to you...

And this brie wheel made to look like a Derby Hat is so clever...

Table decorations are so easy for a Derby Party.  Here are few ideas....

Cute idea to number tables or do placecards:

This is an easy idea, use your old trophies:

Some personalized cups are another fun idea....

Use this as a prize for who picks the top three winners:

A wreath on your door is a must.....

  A clever idea for wine and beer...

Stayed tuned for Part Two!
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