Saturday, July 4, 2015

Po's Point Needlepoint

My dear friend Susan was in a terrible riding accident and she is in our thoughts and prayers as she begins a long recovery.  Her store in Charlotte has the best selection of equestrian needlepoint and she often comes to shows - Deep Run, Raleigh, Blowing Rock and WEF.  Here are some of her canvases.  If you'd like to learn more go to her website here.  Happy stitching!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

TBT - Sega at 21

July 5th will be Sega's 21st birthday. I can still remember turning 21 and what a big deal it was; wonder if she's thinking the same.  How fortunate am I to have had such a special horse in my life for the past 18 years and I pinch myself, that she's been with me all but the first three years of her life.  Sometimes you just get lucky or maybe some things are just meant to be.

I hope it's the latter as I feel like we just belong. We understand each other.  She knows my walk, my door slam, my voice, and my anger (although it's so rare for that to come out around her).  She's like the child you always want to have - perfect student, pretty, athletic, popular and healthy beyond compare.  And so far she is aging well and seems to love her life in her huge stall with two windows, a door to see outside, lush green grass paddocks to graze (she wears a muzzle though, so she can look at it a lot), an occasional ride, a trip out every six months or so and more love than anyone could ever want or need.

I hope I'm writing this post again when she hits 25.  We've do real fireworks for the quarter century mark! As one trainer remarked to me a few years back, "when the mare goes we're  going to have a State funeral."  Many many many years from now, I hope and pray.  Enjoy your holiday. I'll be hanging out with the caramel colored mare who loves Altoids.  Happy holiday!

The Newest Pony on Shackleford

On the North Carolina coast, below the Outer Banks, by Beaufort-by-the-Sea, lies Shackleford Banks.  On these shoals are wild horses, thought to be from the Spanish ships that wrecked off the coast hundreds of years ago.  These horses roam wild and are protected.  Here are some great photos of one new addition to the herd, born on June 30th.  If you want to learn more about these horses, go to the Facebook page here.This is a great organization to support!

New Needlepoint

With rain forecast for the coming holiday weekend, it might be a good excuse to sit inside, watch tennis (Wimbledon) and stitch.  There are SO many projects out there I want to do (no time) but here's my current wish list...

I just ordered this wreath (for the cabin).  Cannot wait..

This is from Kate Dickerson and I'd make it so it hangs on a door knob like a sign.  So cute and preppy!
 This Herend Bunny would be great on a pillow for the holidays..

I'd like to do one of these for my redecorated living room.....

This fox ornament will look grand on any tree...

And I've always loved this Birds of a Feather canvas....

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

4th of July Needlepoint

The Fourth of July can also be celebrated in needlepoint. These last a lot longer than the fireworks!

Splendous Saratoga

I will admit I've never been to Saratoga Springs, NY but a trip is planned for next summer.  I imagine it must be like Middleburg (as in Virginia) but with race horses.  It's home to the famous race track, Skidmore College, and it is so quaint, so what's not to like?  There are the famous natural springs too (The Roosevelt Baths), lots of restaurants and old architecture and much history.....

I'll report back once I get there......

Monday, June 29, 2015

The Closet Classics Every Woman Should Own

There are some things that will never go out of style, the classic pieces that are a part of your wardrobe no matter where you live or what you do.  Everyone has their favorites but here are mine, in no particular order.

The Gucci Loafer

The Hermes Scarf

Pucci Anything

The Burberry Raincoat

The White Shirt

The Polo

The Little Black Dress

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