Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Elusive Imperial Hunt Scene

When I lived in Morgantown, WV, I fell in love with the glassware produced in this region of the world, an art long gone and very much not appreciated these days.  One of my all time favorites is a pattern called "Imperial Hunt Scene" which was made in Cambridge, Ohio in the 1920's.  Cambridge was one of the largest glass companies of its day and there is a fabulous glass museum there full of treasures.  The Imperial Hunt Scene pattern is highly sought after and eBay is a great source.  The Cambridge Museum hosts a glass sale once a year in late June, another great source.

Little is known about the etching's history and its years in the Cambridge line.  The etch first appeared in a catalog that in all probability dates to 1927. Glassware appeared in 1929. The heyday of this pattern was short, 1927-1929 which helps one understand why it's difficult to find this pattern. 

 At the beginning of 1930, Cambridge issued a new catalog and price list. Again, the subject etching is identified only by its number, Etch 718, in both the catalog and the accompanying price list. Offered were bridge sets, ice pails and a water or ice tea set. A bridge set consisted of four tumblers on a handled tray, often marked with the four card suits.

Hunt Scene is predominately found on Amber, Light Emerald and Peach-blo glasses. Next comes Willow Blue and Crystal. Hunt Scene was also placed on Ebony glasses as well as Pomona Green.

I have a few pieces and even one stem in the very rare light blue color. It is lovely.  I would love to have enough to set a table for 12 one day.  If the eBay gods align? 

Lovely, isn't it?

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