Sunday, November 24, 2019

Dressing for the Holidays

Yes, it's finally here, or almost.  The holiday is season is one of my favorite times of the year and I love to dress for it, although dressing for the holidays is no longer en vogue. And I'm not talking about adding a pair of sparkly mules to your skinny jeans.  Dressing is an art form and most don't subscribe to that anymore, sadly.

If you really want to dress, then make an effort and add some nice touches for the holidays.

Love these wide legged tartan pants.  I'd wear them with a turtleneck and flats.  See the outfit here.

Love this velvet dot tulle skirt from Ann Taylor. Add a black turtleneck or silk blouse. See it here.

Love this tartan dress if you can pull off this look. See it here.

I bought these velvet pull on pants in black.  I plan to wear them with a black turtleneck and Tory Burch flats. They are super comfortable too. Perfect for the holidays.  See them here.

 Will wear these loafers with the black pants:

 I also love this entire outfit from Tory Burch which will extend far beyond the holidays:

This dress is perfect for all of those holiday parties. See it here.

Love this brocade skirt for the holidays.  See it here.

Love this cocktail dress from Kate Spade.  See it here.

And if you need a coat to cover that dress, then this one will fit perfectly and it comes in black too. See it here.

And if your holiday shopping has you on a budget then you'll love this green satin skirt and sweater  See it here.  Put on some heels and statement earrings and you're all set for the party circuit. 

Here's the sweater to match.  See it here.

Dress for the holidays even if no one else does!

Friday, November 22, 2019

Gift Ideas for the Equestrian Entertainer

Do you know an equestrian who loves to entertain?  If so, this holiday shopping list will make Santa's life quite a bit easier.

1) Keeneland Entertains
This is one of my favorite cookbooks which chronicles entertaining around the Keeneland Race Track.  You only entertain at Keeneland in style. It's full of great photos too. 

2) The Fox's Kitchen
For you fox hunting friends try this great cookbook centered around The Radnor Hunt in Pennsylvania. 

3) Vintage Cocktail Napkins
I am in love with these rare vintage cocktail napkins.  See them here.

4) Horse Bit Napkins
If vintage isn't your thing, you can try these made to order napkins for cocktails or dinner.  See them here.

5) Imperial Hunt Scene Finger Bowls
This is my favorite old glass pattern and these bowls are rare made only for a short time in the 1920's.  I'd use them not for finger bowls but to serve nuts, candy, mints, or even condiments.  See them here.

6) Equestrian Cheese Board
This is a great gift that anyone can use. Pull it out to serve cheese, nuts, or cookies.  See it here.

7) Vintage Horse Knife Rests
These are a rare find and a good deal.  Your entertainer will love to set the table with these!  See them here.

8) More Vintage Knife Rests
While there are only two of these I'd use these more as table decorations.  These are so unique. Your horse lover entertainer will love these.  See them here.

9) More Vintage Knife Rests
These are also quite unique.  See them here.

10) Show Jumper Tray
I love this acrylic tray and your entertainer can put this to good use. See it here.

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Stocking Stuffer to Benefit the Kentucky Equine Adoption Center

If you are searching for the perfect stocking stuffer for your horsey friends and you want to support a great cause, then you might want to order five or ten of these: ($11 each)

These darling ponies make great stocking stuffers, Secret Santa, Christmas ornaments, gift exchange, and luggage tags. Best of all, 100% of the proceeds will benefit the homeless horses at the Kentucky Equine Adoption Center!

The pony above is meant to resemble Mercy, below, an adoptee. That is one happy horse!

Put them on your handbag!

You can get them at L.V. Harkness in Lexington, KY or you can order them by phone.

California Chrome to Move to Japan

It's a sad day indeed for all you Chromie fans out there.  Yes, it's true, the chestnut stallion, two-time Horse of the Year is moving to Japan where he will stand the 2020 season and the rest of his career at stud.  If you have not seen him at Taylor Made you'd better hurry.  Very very sad...... we will miss you Chromie.  So glad I got to meet him earlier this year.  Read the entire story here.

We were lucky to have lunch with Chromie back in April.  Read the post about our wonderful visit with him here.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Starting Your Own Holiday Traditions

I'm old enough to have traditions in my life. Through the years we've created traditions that we try to keep up almost every year.  Have you added some of these to your holiday?  If not, start now.....

1) Holiday Movies
I have a collection of Christmas movies and we work our way through them between Thanksgiving and Christmas, saving the very best, White Christmas, for last.   This is one of the highlights of the season and I can't wait to get started.... and vintage is definitely best!

Here are the ones we watch before White Christmas:

And we love the Rudolph movie which I think was a television show at one time:

2) Needlepoint Ornaments
I have a growing collection of needlepoint ornaments that I used to put on my tree. Now I put them on a boxwood garland near my kitchen (between the mud room and the kitchen) where I enjoy them multiple times a day.  This way I really get to see them.  One day these will be passed down to someone who I hope will appreciate the love and time that went into making each one.

3) A Dinner and a Play
My mother and I used to go to see The Nutcracker in my home town almost every year.  It was something I looked forward to and we'd have a dinner downtown before the play.  Since my mother lives far away now I decided this year to start my own tradition by going to see a Christmas play with dinner. We'll do this every year.  Can't wait!

4) Horsey Girls' Night Out
Years ago I started a dinner party group that met a few times a year.  At Christmas we'd do a potluck and bring a gift and we'd exchange them after dinner. It was a lot of fun.  The group has disbanded for various reasons but it was a fun tradition that anyone could start.  

5) Peppermint Bran Mash for the Horses
My horses love this especially Alfie since he isn't supposed to have sugar.  Sega gets Altoids in hers as she loves those more than anything else.  Do you spoil your horses at the holidays?

6) Boxwood Wreath
I make the trek over to Ivy Nursery every year specifically to pick out my boxwood wreath for my front door. A regular wreath just won't do! 

Monday, November 18, 2019

HCC Holiday Gift Guide, Volume 1

Finding that perfect unique gift is even harder in the Internet age - all those choices - and where to begin?  Hoping this guide, the first of the season will help Santa fill his sleigh.......

For the pampered person on your list, these bath salts will be the perfect stocking stuffer. 

Who would not love these Birkenstock slippers, perfect to put on Christmas morning.  Love the red ones!

For your cold weather climate friends, she'll love these Shearling Gloves.

 Your horsey friends (especially those who hunt) will welcome these vintage Imperial Hunt Scene glass candlesticks from the 1920's.  These were made in Cambridge, Ohio and are quite collectable. 

The china and horse lover on your list will cherish this set of Johnson Brothers' Tally Ho Plates, which are very reasonably priced and can be used as appetizer plates or the beginning of a new collection.

The fashionista on your list will love this velvet necklace which is perfect for the holidays.

She'll love this fun pendant necklace that you can adjust to wear high or low and it comes in many colors.

Add two of these silk pillows to a room to make a bold statement.  Timeless and elegant for the decorator on your list.

For the foodie on your list this memoir from the former editor of the now defunct Gourmet Magazine.  It's on my reading list.

She'll love these pearl earrings from Anna Maria Ortega.

Happy Shopping.

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Make Mine Staffordshire

It seems like Staffordshire is coming back!  Everywhere I turn there are Staffordshire Dogs on something!  And buying the real thing has gotten considerably cheaper through the years.  If you just love the Staffordshire Dog motif, then you are in luck.

Love these note cards.  See them here.

Love these ornaments on Etsy.  See them here.

 Staffordshire Gift Tags:

The real deal once again.  Love this one. See it here.

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