Friday, March 5, 2021

The Bacon Brothers

This is not a new line of pork. Kevin Bacon?  Remember him?  Six degrees from Kevin Bacon?  Every play that?  Did you know that besides being a famous actor, Kevin Bacon and his brother Michael have a very good band (since 1995 in fact) and have released seven CDs, have appeared on countless radio and television shows and have gone on tour in North America and Europe. So when Kevin isn't making movies, he's making music. Their first studio release in 1997 was entitled Forosoco, derived from what the brothers describe their genre to be as a mix of folk, rock, soul, and country.  The other brother, Michael, is an accomplished musician and produces soundtracks for television. He has even won an Emmy.  See The Bacon Brothers website here.

I saw them live at The Birchmere in Northern Virginia in the late 90's and was hooked then.  Ever since I've had some of their songs on my run playlist but failed to update their music.  Some of their newer stuff is great.  Michael's voice reminds me a bit of James Taylor. If you like The Eagles, Lyle Lovett, Hall and Oates, and that genre of rock country music then you'll like their vibe.

Kevin and Michael are lead singers (both are very good but Michael is the better of the two).  Kevin plays guitar, harmonica and percussion while Michael plays the guitar and cello.  There are four additional band members.

Here is a list of their albums/CDs and the release dates. I've been listening to some of their newer music on Spotify and love it. Getting There is the only one I currently have and I'd recommend for sure.  I ordered two new ones this morning - Philadelphia Road and 36 Cents. Enjoy!

Title Release date
Forosoco November 4, 1997
Getting There August 31, 1999
Can't Complain June 26, 2001
The Bacon Brothers Live - No Food Jokes Tour November 11, 2003
White Knuckles October 25, 2005
New Years Day March 24, 2009 (November 11, 2008)
Philadelphia Road - Best Of July 31, 2011
36¢ September 16, 2014
The Bacon Brothers April 25, 2018
The Way We Love July 17, 2020

Thursday, March 4, 2021

All Dressed Up With No Place to Go

 The natives are getting restless.  Really.   I am loving some of the new spring clothes from Tory Burch (she just keeps hitting the ball out of the park) and J McLaughlin, but where to wear? Home on the patio?  Alas, my closet has been sitting still for a solid year now.  With no real end in sight - maybe by June I can start wearing these things?  But, it's fun to think about when we will be able to go out again (safely, I should add) and wear these cute clothes..... These are some of my picks but check out Tory's new arrivals for sure.  

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Grace Graffiti - The Cutest Stuff Ever

I am in love with anything bunny and these place mats (made of wood no less) from Grace Graffiti perfect for your pandemic Easter (yes, the pandemic has not left us and will still be here at Easter in case you live in Texas). 

Bunny hanger anyone?

You can see the entire collection - ready for most any holiday on the Grace Graffiti web site and it's all made here in the US.  Support small business!

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Finished Needlepoint

 I've been stitching away lately, trying to increase my 2021 Christmas needlepoint ornament count (it's growing) and work on the many projects that now sit in my hoard, I mean stash.  I did help small business in 2020, shopping for needlepoint and I am embarrassed to show you how large my stash it right now and it keeps getting bigger even though I try not to buy.  For another day.  Here's a peak at some of the items going to the finisher this week (and there is one more that is almost finished).  I try to buy ornaments that have some meaning or ones that I just simply love. Will I want that one on my tree in 20 years?  These will all be passed down to someone.....

The Canada ornament - we frequent Alberta (Lake Louise and Banff).

The Lacoste shirt - takes me back to preppy youth.  I wore this stuff long ago and still do.

Lacrosse Santa - for my nephew.  My nieces and nephews are getting ornaments as soon as I find ones I like for them. This is the first of four.

Sheep ornament - I just fell in love with this one.  The background is in velvet thread.

The other two will be made into pillows. The crocodile for my bedroom and the country canvas for the cabin or den.


Monday, March 1, 2021

The Easter Edit

It's unlikely that we'll be traveling by Easter unless you and your entire family are fortunate enough to be vaccinated by then.  It's not in the cards for me - and there are family and friends I'd love to see in person.  But you can improvise with Zoom (I know we are getting tired of Zoom) and by sending fun and thoughtful gifts or by just doing Easter like you'd do it with family. Here are few ideas (and ship early and do not use the USPS if want the gift to arrive before the July 4th holiday - ask me how I know).

1) The Cutest Easter Chocolates Ever

2) Large Bunny - But Not Chocolate

3) The Perfect Easter Dress 

4) The Perfect Pandemic Easter Dress

5) Easter Tea

6) Easter Cookies

7) Linen Cocktail Napkins in Spring Colors

Sunday, February 28, 2021

Sunday Musings

On a rainy Sunday morning what better to do than find your inner entertaining self. If we can't invite friends to dine, why not still plan a special dinner party for your family complete with nice linens, candles, great food and atmosphere......

Start with these candles, love the green but I am a green person.

And while I love the wipe and clean Caspari place mats I blogged about earlier this month, these are scrumptious.  See them here.  They also come in blue and pink.

 These place mats are also to die for.  See them here.

Can't wait for the release of Christopher Spitzmiller's long awaited book and it's coming in March.  Order your signed copy here.

I have these plates in orange (now discontinued sadly to report) but you can add them to your collection in blue or gray.  The blue ones can be found at the moment at the Juliska Outlet.  See them here.

My favorite thing about Easter, honestly, is Russell Stover Jelly Beans.  CVS, Rite Aid or Amazon. You can't eat just one.  Love these!

And if you happened to watch two Derby prep races yesterday, we now have a few very clear front runners.  Essential Quality smoked the competition in the fog and mud yesterday at Oaklawn.  The top two-year-old colt is now the top three-year-old colt. I got goosebumps watching the enormous stride on this very well-bred gray son of Tapit. Godolphin may have their first Derby winner if they can keep this one in bubble wrap.

And in Florida, the favorite to win the Fountain of Youth yesterday at Gulstream also won, Greatest Honor, another Tapit colt. This was a slow race though and no mud. But time will tell.

Stay safe!  Enjoy your day.

Friday, February 26, 2021

Note to Self - What I am Loving Right Now

We all want to do things to make our lives easier, more enjoyable, more fashionable, more comfortable, right? 

1) No Wash Placemats - in my house we always dine with three things: linen or cloth napkins, a place mat and a real plate (no paper).  I discovered these place mats years ago and just ordered new black ones.  These are lined in felt, they look nice and you wipe them clean. No need to wash and iron these, ever.  I am learning not to love linen.  These come in many colors and you can also order them in round.  These look like a lizard finish. Very stylish and they are also inexpensive.  What's not to love?

2) Home Chef - When the pandemic set in I tried Home Chef through my employer.  I was skeptical at first but let me tell you how wonderful this service is.  We order almost every week, usually two dinners for the two of us and I can get three meals from those two.  You pick what you want every week and it arrives for us on Tuesday.  They change the menu items every week and for about $20 a meal, it's a great way to dine out without dining out.  There are many of these companies out there but after using them for about 10 months, I am still a happy customer.  The food is also very good!

3) Inexpensive Needlepoint - Stitching is an expensive hobby but Seaside Needlepoint has a lot of nice but older canvases 60 percent off.  I ordered one yesterday.  Go to their Instagram page and scroll down and there are many nice ones like some brick covers with bows on them. You can call the store directly to order.  

4) No More Ugly Candles - Life is too short for ugly candles.  Enough said.

Enjoy your Friday and hug your horse(s).


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