Saturday, October 31, 2020

More Holiday Gift Ideas

You may think I am jumping the gun with the holiday gifts but if my Target order that arrived yesterday in pieces (broken jars in boxes with zero packing) is any indication, you better start now if your order plans to arrive in one piece and on time.

Love this monogrammed platter from For Pets's Sake Pottery. 

Still loving the note pad idea. Who doesn't love a monogrammed note pad

This J Crew cashmere sweater has gotten very good reviews and it comes in so many colors you'll never be able to pick just one.

Anyone will love this monogrammed stationary as some of us still use snail mail but I know, it's so old fashioned. But good taste never goes out of style.

The stitcher in your life will love this vintage needlepoint book!

Love this faux citrus tree. If someone on your list did not inherit a green thumb this is the perfect gift. And this one looks real!  See it here.



She'll love these Gucciesque clogs and they are very reasonable.  

This classic cookbook should be in everyone's kitchen.

For the book lover, a personalized set of book plates. Love this one but there are many to pick from in this great Etsy shop.

And this Etsy shop makes beautiful monogrammed napkins and guest towels for a very reasonable price.  Love these but there is much to pick from. 

Stay safe and PLEASE VOTE!

Friday, October 30, 2020

Fun J Crew Picks

Winter is moving in tomorrow here in Virginia after seasonal spring-like days these past few weeks. We dined on the patio last night likely for the last time. Sigh. 

Love this J Crew Collection Coat. It looks a lot like a Tory Burch one I bought last summer but I may have to own this one too. It also comes in navy. You can never have too many coats, ever.


Love this look from J Crew (this is how I like to dress these days). This wool sweater comes in two colors, love them both and my favorite pair of sneakers is an older version of these New Balance ones. The second color is a bit wild but fun. We need some wild fun these days!

 Look also at this silk blouse, in grazing goats (yes, goats) print. Love the colors. Not so sure about the goats. See it here.

Love these black watch plaid pants that are perfect for the holidays. I plan to dress for the season, and why not?

These are a bit on the wild side. I can Audrey in this with a black turtleneck, hair pulled in a ponytail and Belgians......

As long as we are on funky, I also like this cashmere comes in pink and orange now. See it here.

I'm ready for a new pair of these.

Another funky fun find, but this one is Liberty. Love this! See it here.

And I may need this for those early mornings. Loving Liberty.  See it here.

Happy Friday.  VOTE!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

New Equestrian Needlepoint

Always on the lookout for new equestrian needlepoint. Po's Point in Charlotte is by far the best source for equestrian needlepoint (hunter/jumper/hunting). Some of the Kentucky stores have good racing projects. My friend Susan Miller owns the store and I often send my projects to be finished there too.  She has some new stuff so I thought I'd show off a few of her newer additions as well as some of the older ones I still want to add my stash. 

Love this bay jumper too. Perfect for the jumper riders out there.

This is so cute.   You don't have to ride to want to stitch this one. See it here.

Love this welcome sign. Perfect for your barn or house. See it here.

This one is perfect for the pony rider or pony mom. See it here.

Any rider will love this. Make it into a great pillow. See it here.

This one needs to go into my stash.  Love this one.  See it here.

An ornament for the dressage riders out there.  See it here.

I love this one too. See it here.

And I have always wanted to add one of these ornaments to my stash.  2021?  See it here.

2020 has been a good year for stitching. Maybe that's the only good thing I can come up with for 2020. Stay safe. Please stay home and wear a mask!

Monday, October 26, 2020

Gift Ideas for the Cook

Since the pandemic started we have not dined out even once, even outdoors.  I've picked up take-out a few times and more recently hit the Wendy's drive through (for taco salads) but that's about it.  No plans to dine at a restaurant anytime soon sadly.   And during the week I use Home Chef (two meals delivered on Tuesday) will cover three nights, most weeks. But in the interim I like to cook, my only roadblock is time between working and farm life.

Since most of us are cooking, add a few gifts ideas to make his or her life in the kitchen easier, tastier, or more convenient. Here are a few picks.

Having good pots and pans making cooking so much easier.  I love my collection of All Clad pots but also love Le Creuset. You can never have too many of these, in various sizes and colors.  Hint - I have picked some up at TJ Maxx but the prices at WS are good too when they have a sale as these are investment pieces.

This is a tool that I don't have that I wish I did have to peel sweet potatoes. This would make my life a lot easier. It can peel a lot more than potatoes. See it here.

Someone gave me a pizza stone years ago and I have loved it ever since. This is not something I would have bought but I use it for more than pizza. But if you use it only for pizza it is so much easier (and the crust is crispier) than using a cookie sheet or tin foil. Add this to your kitchen!  See it here.

Since we can't go to Paris perhaps we can bring Paris into the kitchen with this lovely book. See it here.


This is a great size for any kitchen and the price is fantastic. You can't put these in the dishwasher however. See it here.

I researched salt and pepper mills this summer and bought these for hubby's cabin kitchen and now I want a pair of these for the farmhouse kitchen. These are super and you can spend a fortune on these. Grinding pepper somehow makes a dish taste better.  You can buy these at Amazon also. See them here.

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Duly Noted


A perfect gift. A chic way to add a special note to a gift. Collect them. Hoard them.  Give them to the person for which you have no idea what to buy them. Who doesn't love a great personalized or monogrammed set of note pads?  Ready.Set.Go....

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Traditional Tartan

I just never get tired of anything tartan.  Whether clothes, dishes, fabric, stationary, this "trend" never seems to fade. Like this tartan vest from Talbots.

Leggings anyone? Also from Talbots:

Or even this plaid belt, also from Talbots.

Love this J Crew candle, in the tartan box, a perfect gift to give for the holidays.

Order tartan ribbon for your holiday gifts.

Want to learn more about tartan?

Love these preppy tartan headbands. We wore these in high school.

Love this vintage tartan bracelet:

These updated tartan plates from Crate and Barrel are more modern tartan:

Remember Pendleton plaid?

Love these bay leaf wreaths with tartan ribbons. Perfect for the holiday season:

Hoping you add some tartan to your holiday this year.

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