Friday, October 16, 2020

Friday Finds

 It's been a quick week on the farm and looking forward to taking Alfie to a small show on Saturday for a change while Madison nurses a month-long abcess.  Yes, a month.

I've been reorganizing my home office this week as it became totally disfunctional and I live in my office. I reorganized my desk, moved my printer, cleaned the desk well and am going to look for a new chair.  I have two computers, a standing desk on top of my desk but no filing. So I ordered this file cabinet to go underneath my desk.   My desk is 64 inches long by the way. I ordered a darker color (to hide it better). My office is mostly brown and beige with flashes of purple (it's the only purple in the entire house). 

Considering this chair. Love this style, could add a large cushion and it brightens up the room a bit.

Are these not the cutest pajamas ever?

I've had my eye on this shirt for a few months and it's now greatly reduced (to like $30). Maybe pulling the trigger even though I am trying not to shop for clothes I won't wear on the farm now. But a girl can't resist a real bargain.....

Love this pattern by Vietri, called Into the Woods. You can buy these on sale right now at One Kings Lane. The salad plates will pair nicely with other plates.  See them here. But the sale ends today.

I just ordered this new Kate Dickerson needlepoint canvas. LOVE this. Not sure when it will arrive but will add it to my bulging stash.

Please VOTE!

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