Saturday, October 24, 2020

Traditional Tartan

I just never get tired of anything tartan.  Whether clothes, dishes, fabric, stationary, this "trend" never seems to fade. Like this tartan vest from Talbots.

Leggings anyone? Also from Talbots:

Or even this plaid belt, also from Talbots.

Love this J Crew candle, in the tartan box, a perfect gift to give for the holidays.

Order tartan ribbon for your holiday gifts.

Want to learn more about tartan?

Love these preppy tartan headbands. We wore these in high school.

Love this vintage tartan bracelet:

These updated tartan plates from Crate and Barrel are more modern tartan:

Remember Pendleton plaid?

Love these bay leaf wreaths with tartan ribbons. Perfect for the holiday season:

Hoping you add some tartan to your holiday this year.

1 comment:

  1. All about plaid/tartan.
    Wore a plaid school uniform and now these years later still like it.
    Talbots has some great items.


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