Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Bedroom Refresh

 I've been on the farm now for 10 years full-time so some parts of the house are starting to get a bit tired and even outdated.  It all started with my bedroom rug which is actually worn out.  The rug was made for the room and I bought it at a great remnant outlet in North Carolina. Since we are not going there these days, I called the decorator and she's working on a new one. But it made me realize that room is a bit tired and needs some uplifting.

The room is blue (oddly since I am truly a green person). Walls are painted a light blue with white trim. The ceilings upstairs are eight feet not nine so it limits what you can do. If I could start from scratch I'd definitely wallpaper this room but I don't want to start from scratch. Love my drapery fabric so we'll leave that too...

Here's the current rug, not showing areas where it is worn out. It is a very smooth sisal type that has held up remarkably well.  I have cats so rugs have to be cat proof so I'm replacing with something similar.

This is my fabric on the windows, floor to ceiling drapes.We have three windows in the room. I have white wood blinds that can go up and down behind them (we get a lot of sun in the afternoon).  This is a Thibaut fabric that I still love.

Here is chest in the room with two pictures. The top one is a cartoon a friend made many years ago of Sega and hubby hunting. The other is a Montpelier Races poster. The lamp is from Wildwood with a new shade from the shade store in Charlottesville. This is an expensive reproduction chest bought many years ago in North Carolina.

I think the bed needs replacing. It is old and I have never liked it much, four poster, very dated by today's standard.  Many of the beds I like are not cat proof (they can claw a linen headboard for example) so I am liking these two.... This one from Serena and Lilly. The white is nice but is it too beachy?

I also do not want a four-poster bed or one that that is too contemporary looking.  Wood is my preference only because of cats. They might claw the fabric part of a headboard. That would be an expensive replacement.  Another one I am looking at is from Williams-Sonoma Home.  It also comes in a whitewash but is it too beachy?  It comes also brown and black. I have some white painted furniture in the room so everything is not brown.

The room is quite large too, and rectangular shaped, my rug needs to be no smaller than 12 x 15.  So the room is around 17 feet long. It's hard to decorate a room that size with low ceilings IMHO.  I need to make is more cozy feeling somehow.  Ideas? Suggestions?


  1. I like the third bed, only because it looks like you have darker wood in that room now. I think it would be more flexible and go with more. White might not mix as seamlessly with other finishes. I like the bamboo look of this very much.


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