Thursday, October 1, 2020

Needlepoint Christmas Ornaments - 2021

Since I only completed one new ornament for my garland this year, a goal for 2021 is to add at least five ornaments for next year.  I have ordered two ornaments and have one waiting for new thread to finish so adding two more will be really easy (so in reality thinking I'll add at least eight).  So here is what I am looking at..... And let me add that I like to do an ornament in between larger projects.  It makes me feel like I can easily finish something when a larger project make take a few months.

The rabbit fetish continues.....

Also love these bears also by Melissa Prince.

Love the Dubarry Boots from Pip and Roo:

And because we can't go to the real one, maybe an Hermes shopping bag ornament is the next best thing?

Love this one.  See it here.

Not sure why I have not stitched this one yet for my tree:

Love this one!  Apollo when he's all grown up.  See it here.

This one is waiting for thread so hoping to have this ready for 2021.  See it here.

Love sweaters for ornaments.  See this one here.

I ordered this one this week. See it here.

Love this one! See it here.

And this one from Blue Ridge Stitchery. See it here.

I have also added this one to my stash already.  

And this is my lone new ornament for 2020.  Love it though!

Hope I have inspired you to stitch for your 2021 tree.  And happy October!

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