Thursday, October 15, 2020

One Country Boot - Let Me Count the Ways

 Dubarry Boots are the gold standard for long lasting, warm, comfortable country boots. But they are insanely expensive and not a part of everyone's budget.  They rarely if ever go on sale. Today, however, there are more than one knock-off from which to choose, at various price points to fit everyone's budget. 

The Kildare is my favorite style and I actually wore out a pair of these which is really hard to do (it took 10+ years however). They are not as tall as some of the more popular models but they pull on and off easily (a huge attraction for me - no boot jack or boot pulls are needed). They also come in multiple colors today (navy/brown, green/brown, black/brown and brown/brown). I'd probably pick the black/brown ones today as they will go with black and brown.  I owned the brown/brown version below. Let me add that these are also the warmest boots I've ever owned. They are lined in Gore-Tex so they keep you warm but my feet never were hot either. Suspect the knock-offs won't have this feature.  The Dubarry Boots are also waterproof.  While you wouldn't really want to walk through water puddles in a pair of $500 boots, I can attest to the fact that you can.  As my Kildare's got older and I bought another pair of tall Dubarry's to wear, I wore mine to the barn every day in winter, in wet weather and my feet were always dry.

SmartPak has recently created their own brand, the Ada, which looks a lot like the Dubarry for about one-fourth the price.  For the difference in price it might be worth a try.

Dublin also makes a Dubarry knock-off that is quite popular, for a fraction of the price. 

TuffRider also makes a copy, again for a lot less. See this model here.

Another option is the Ovation brand.  These are a lot less. See them here.

Shires also makes a model. See them here.

And Mountain Horse has also gotten in on the action. See this version here.

Choices, choices.....

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