Friday, October 31, 2014

Breeders' Cup Bonanza

Most people think of October 31st as Halloween.  I think of it as the first day of the Breeders' Cup.  Four races will be run later today and nine on Saturday.  The single best day of horse racing in America is tomorrow, November 1st and while many will be sitting with beer in hand watching hours of college football, some of us will be watching the best in the world, thoroughbreds that is, charging 30-40 mph down a synthetic track in southern California to collect some big paychecks.  This is more NFL than NCAA. This is the Pro Bowl.

As always, eyes will be on the big race, the Classic and the contenders are the "who's who" of the racing world.  Some familiar names will be there, it'll be an exciting race.  Shared Belief is the favorite to win and jockey Mike Smith will ride an amazing nine horses in this year's meet. There is a great article about him in the new Sports Illustrated.  This is also good, much shorter. Read here.

Mike Smith was Zenyatta's jockey and he won with her at the Cup but failed to win the Classic the last time she ran (she won it once), by a nose. She was so far behind in that race, no one ever thought she'd be a factor but she came back and almost won it. It was one of the most amazing races ever.  He was chastised for a bad ride but those who know racing and riding often give him credit for almost winning it.  And let's face it, a mare like Zenyatta, well, let's just say she would only do it her way.  That's her below:

And if just watching these famous horses isn't enough, you can always purchase the Judith Leiber handbag.  Who says fashion and horse racing don't mix.

If I was lucky enough to catch the red-eye for LA tonight, just in time to arrive for tomorrow's races, this is what I'd wear.  This Marni dress which has some wool in it, just in case it's chilly.

A hat of course:
 These Chloe pumps, not too high, as I'd be on my feet all day:

 And this Valentino bag:
All clothes are from Net-a-Porter.
A girl can dream can't she?
Happy Friday, Happy Halloween, and Bring on the Breeders' Cup!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Animal Kingdom

I am finally going to decorate my living room and am starting to look at fabrics. Don't know how you tackle decorating but I start with a fabric.  My favorite is Cowtan & Tout and I am loving this pattern:

Cowtan & Tout is my favorite for fabrics.  I love them even though I am not a fan of British decorating. Also on my list are Clarence House and Schumacher.  I am going to put a fun fabric on my drapes, four windows, a sisal rug, maybe grass cloth on the walls for texture.  The room is large and boxy.  Needs a vibrant fabric that is fun but sophisticated.

I used this in the master bedroom in my house in Maryland and I still adore it. It's called Indian Summer:

This Pierre Frey fabric has potential too:

This is from Schumacher:

Congo from Clarence House also has potential:

This is what I fell in love with but I think this is too whimsical for a country house.  Love the colors, it 's vivid in real life: blacks, orange, aqua and pink.

It must be in my DNA to have animals everywhere.  Most of my fabrics have animals. Oh well, surround yourself with what you love right?

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

All About Alfie

Poor Alfie, he's probably got a complex by now, but I must say that he's finally come into his own this year. Possibly he's a late bloomer at the ripe old age of 13, thoroughly middle age in a horse, but in his prime no doubt. He's my main man now that Sega has retired.  Maybe he craves all that attention he never received while Sega stole his spotlight.  We're coming into the home stretch this season, two more shows to go and the big one is next weekend, filling us with anticipation hoping to end this partial horse show season on a high note after so many months of watching from the sidelines.

The photos below were scanned from photos I purchased locally.  Here he is is showing off his raw talent at two local shows and that "look" that would make even Lauren Bacall jealous. We'll report from our finale in a few weeks.  Hoping for primary colors!  As a t-shirt once read with Richard Nixon's photo on it, we're "tanned, rested and ready."

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

An Heiresses' Gift

I saw this article today in The Washington Post and it's just a wonderful tribute.  You can read the entire story here. A $40 million gift to The Foxcroft School in Middleburg, Virginia has been given by a 1932 graduate who never married, gave back to her world for most of her life and now this.  What a wonderful legacy this lady has left for decades of young women to benefit from.  Foxcroft is a lovely place, located down a narrow lane lined with old stone walls and horse farms. 

Give something back today!

Great Dresses for Under $200

Looking good is getting expensive isn't it?  The price of clothes keeps going up like everything else.  But maybe there's hope, I've found some cute, not trendy, dresses most for well under $200.  $200 still sounds like a lot but let's face it, we all don't have time to shop the sales and be thrifty.

I saw this Lilly over the weekend and must admit I'm in love.  I wish the sleeves were longer but for those who live in a warmer climate, this is a perfect fall dress.  See it here.

We're going to get thrifty now as this dropped waist denim dress at Ann Taylor Loft is under $100 at full price.  This is so versatile.  Add a scarf, a funky necklace, boots, flats, whatever.  See it here.

Another Ann Taylor Loft bargain, trying to answer the Kate Spade version for a mere fraction of the price.  See it here.

I find Zara very hit or miss and like shopping at the Fifth Avenue store in New York.  I like this yellow number.  Again, under $100 at full price.  See it here.

Lastly, I like this J Crew dress a lot even though their dresses rarely fit me.  I have not seen it in real life but it is cute and likely versatile and under $200 at full price.  See it here.

Whatever you do today, look good!

Monday, October 27, 2014

New Needlepoint

Made a quick trip to North Carolina this past weekend and made a long overdue stop to one of my favorite needlepoint shops, Adornment Needlepoint.  Ran into an old friend who had stitched some fabulous belts and she's using a new buckle and I love it. The buckle is bigger and my friend prefers her belts wider and adds 4 rows to each side on and 18" canvas.  Love, love the style. 

Here are some other photos of stuff in the shop. The place was packed with new things coming in for customers. This is a custom piece.

 I have not seen this before but this is simply divine...

Here's a closer look at the buckle:

 Love this belt too!
 More stuff:

 This rug is the same size as the fox rug I completed a few years ago.
 Really cute frames:

 I love this ornament:

 Another belt I loved!

 Christmas ornaments:

I love this too!

 For you horse racing fans out there!

Cannot wait to catch up on all my projects now that we are headed into winter. 

Friday, October 24, 2014

Etsy Equestrian Finds

I love to browse Etsy for vintage equestrian finds.  Sometimes you get lucky!  There's some interesting stuff there right now and most is reasonably priced.  Take a look.....

I'm not sure what I'd do with this, I wish these were napkins but I love the old embroidery, long gone now unless you're willing to pay for it.  See it here.

More old stuff. love this cloth!

This towel is so fun.

Another old piece....

If you like primitive this is a steal......

These may have to be mine......

So glad it is Friday.  No horse shows this weekend for a change!  Leaves are raked, new house cleaner is coming next week. Maybe a restful weekend for a change!  Happy Friday!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

More Fall Favorites

I am loving clothes this fall, more than usual for some reason.  Summer is my favorite season and I have twice as many summer clothes.  But when I buy for winter I wear my clothes for years and years.  Here are some clothes I have had my eye on.......

I just adore this green dress from Alice + Olivia. It's wool and I like long sleeves in winter and it's lined.  It probably would be a few inches longer on me than on the model.

I've been on a search for the perfect booty but have not found it yet.  These I like a lot but have been trying to find them on sale as they are expensive.

See them here.

I've also been contemplating black boots. I don't have black boots other than my riding boots and I am liking these Tory Burch ones but the reviews on them are mixed.  Some say they are too wide and others say too narrow in the legs.....

I'm also loving this Trina Turk dress:

And this Burberry coat:

 I ordered two sweaters from the new J Crew rollout, hoping they fit.  I ordered this in black and light blue. 
 I've also had my eye on some Kate Spade brown boots but I worry about ordering shoes as I am so hard to fit. What's on your wish list for fall fashion?  I'm off to the J Crew Outlet soon to revamp my pants wardrobe for winter.  I'll let you know what I find there! Happy Thursday!
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