Monday, October 6, 2014

Hermes Paddock Scarf

Who doesn't love an Hermes scarf?  Finding a narrow orange box under the tree, well, we know Santa's at his best when that happens.  One of my favorites is "Paddock" a design that's been around a long time and now is very much copied.  The scarf was designed by Jean-Louis Clerc in 1956 at a time when this free style was very popular. Recent developments in printing technology mean that fakes can now be near photo-accurate and even include the Hermes copyright and Clerc signature.  These are not a guarantee that the scarf is genuine.  Fakes often have very bright backgrounds and strangely colored horses and people. So beware.  If something is too good to be true, then it likely is a fake.  Clerc died in 1961 but his designs live on in this most beautiful of beautiful scarves.

The scarf first appeared in the 1950's and some will have a Lord & Taylor label on them.  Hermes sold scarves through L & T way back then.


  1. I bought my first Hermes scarf at a wonderful family-owned store in Lubbock, TX called Maloufs (1988) I bought my Burberry trench there too (1990). I've also bought Hermes scarves from Marshall Fields in Chicago (early 90's) MF isn't around anymore and Hermes and Burberry pulled their items from independent merchants probably around 10 years ago. Too bad, the customer service was so much better in the smaller boutiques.

    Glad you're back to blogging. You were missed.

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  3. So sad that Hermes no longer sells at Lord & Taylor (and similarly fine retail stores). Really much more convenient to get to those stores than a Hermes store here in Virginia! Oh well... Fairfax Square it is.


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