Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fox Hunt Fascination

Why are we so fascinated with "hunting?"  Is it that Ralph Lauren has created this image of the wealthy equestrian riding to the hounds, only to hand off the horse to a groom and take a tall glass of bubbly?  We have seen that scene play out in Downton Abbey as well. Popular culture has adopted the hunt scene venue through the years.  It goes way back, but somehow never really goes out of style.  Why the fascination though? In today's uber-correct world, fox hunting should be so passe, shouldn't it?  Don't get me wrong, I am not interested in killing animals and I have NEVER seen a fox killed in a hunt, even though I know it happens. And hounds are some of the best cared for dogs on the planet. 

We still see tons of antique hunting artifacts sitting in antique malls across the country, online on Ebay, at auction, on 1stDibbs, sometimes for unreal prices. So there is still this fascination, this allure with the whole thing. My own house is full of hunting prints, fox stuff, but at least I own horses and was a card carrying member of a hunt for many years. But what about everyone else?

I'm not sure, but I love the scene of foxes, hounds, riders, horses, and tradition.  There's a lot of that in this sport.  And hunting is a lot of fun and these folks know how to have a good time.

And I still wear tweed.
Don't flame me for liking hunting please. You can find something negative in just about everything if you try. I am searching for the link with popular culture here and why this one never seems to get old.


  1. I love the hunt also.. I lived in Virginia for 10 years and it's in the air no matter what part of the state you go to.

    I now live in New Hampshire where my neighbor had horses and we used to 'foster' them in the summer since we had more land than they do .My neighbor up the street has a brand new horse facility where he and his wife stable horses privately and hold many equestrian events throughout the year.

    I have equestrian themed items in my home. I recently found a book published in England in 1927 called "Scattered Scarlet". It's a collection of hunting themed verses and prints... I consider it a find. All the prints are in great shape. Amazing.

    Believe me, you are not alone in your live of the hunt. Even though I no longer ride, I still have a soft spot in my heart for that sport.. Horse lovers are everywhere!

  2. I'm a vegetarian, and I still love things fox-hunting related, I think it is the history, traditions and agrarian nature of it. I hope to ride well enough someday to ride with my local hunt. I just hope they don't catch any foxes that day :)

  3. Ann,

    Hunting themed items are beautiful but the real hunt is even more so don't you think?
    Tweed- isn't just stylish it is also very functional with a great purpose. If anyone wants to pick on you for your wonderful taste it is just their loss for a missed opportunity at happiness in life! Thanks for another gorgeous post. I really look forward to them.



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