Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Great Dresses for Under $200

Looking good is getting expensive isn't it?  The price of clothes keeps going up like everything else.  But maybe there's hope, I've found some cute, not trendy, dresses most for well under $200.  $200 still sounds like a lot but let's face it, we all don't have time to shop the sales and be thrifty.

I saw this Lilly over the weekend and must admit I'm in love.  I wish the sleeves were longer but for those who live in a warmer climate, this is a perfect fall dress.  See it here.

We're going to get thrifty now as this dropped waist denim dress at Ann Taylor Loft is under $100 at full price.  This is so versatile.  Add a scarf, a funky necklace, boots, flats, whatever.  See it here.

Another Ann Taylor Loft bargain, trying to answer the Kate Spade version for a mere fraction of the price.  See it here.

I find Zara very hit or miss and like shopping at the Fifth Avenue store in New York.  I like this yellow number.  Again, under $100 at full price.  See it here.

Lastly, I like this J Crew dress a lot even though their dresses rarely fit me.  I have not seen it in real life but it is cute and likely versatile and under $200 at full price.  See it here.

Whatever you do today, look good!

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