Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Lola Update

Lovely little Lola was sent to school in mid-September.  She did not want to get on the trailer (thank goodness for Molly's help) and reluctantly left the life she loved on the farm.  But work ensued and no one retires here without at least one year end title but she's got plenty of time only being three years old.  I'm like a proud mother watching her kid at the first soccer training camp.  She's getting good reports and seems like being a "hunter" rather than a very slow race horse.  I'm going next week for a visit so until then here's her first photo from camp.


  1. What a gorgeous filly! I'm assuming she's an ex-racer from something you wrote and if so, bless your heart for rehabilitating her! I donate to various funds for ex-racehorses but unfortunately, am no longer equipped to house any so when I see wonderful folks who do, am filled with gratitude! God bless you, dear Ann!

    1. She's an OTTB but only raced four times. She's learning to be a prima.


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