Friday, January 29, 2016

2016 Fashion Trends for the Rider

Riding fashion has changed so dramatically in the past few years with the advent of high-tech fabrics that are cooler, washable, fashionable but also very expensive. The good news is that you don't need a lot of clothes for showing, you can wear the same outfit to show in week in and week out, unless you show at the bigger shows, multiple days a week.  Two coats, two shirts, a few pairs of breeches and one hat.  That's all you need.  And the color options are endless.  And the Italians have finally arrived! 

Riding Coats
There are so many choices out there for coats at all price points but I am going to go high end as there is a difference in the look you'll get.  Tailoring is key.  You can also resell your used clothing easily and get a lot of your money back once your done.  What is acceptable to show in depends on whether you ride in the more traditional hunters or the wild and crazy jumpers.  Jumper riders have so many more options.



Charles Anacona

Grand Prix

Le Fash
These have been the rage for a bit now but I am just now starting to love them. They can also be worn with jeans and a nice belt for fun or even to work with wool pants or skirts.  You can find them on sale from time to time too.



I love these shirts and they are made in the USA.  They come in short and long sleeves.  Ece also makes riding coats.

Rebecca Ray

Tailored Sportsman
I love these quilted belts.  They come in many scrumptious colors too.


Love this brand but it is expensive. These breeches are seen everywhere now. Love the colors too!

Equine Coture

Hats, boots and gloves are more personal and the fit is so imperative.  Again, tons of brands now to choose from - Samshield and Charles Owen helmets, Boots -Ariats, Tucci, Parlanti, Der Dau and the old stand-by, Vogel.

Riding is so much more fashionable than it used to be.  

Friday Finds - More Steals and Deals

There's so much out there.  I am loving these winter steals and deals for riders and non-riders alike!

Missoni anyone?  No this is an ice-fill shirt made for summer weather and it's greatly reduced if you are a small or medium.  You can ride in this, bike in it or just wear all summer and be cool and also look good. See it here.

These Bette and Court high tech shirts were made for golf but they work for all kinds of sports or they are just great to wear and be comfortable.  They are hard to find and run small.  But these are greatly reduced and come in several colors. See them here.

Here is the same shirt with short sleeves. You can't see it well but there is trim in yellow and pink around the sleeves, neck and arms.  The shirt also comes in hot pink.  I have this one and I ride in it all summer long.  See it here.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Once in a Lifetime, Part One

Clumsy and uncoordinated, smart, quiet, faultless.  A favorite boyfriend?  George Clooney? No, my lifetime horse.  No one would have ever bet money on our partnership.  It was unpredictable from the beginning.  How did this lovely mare that would mean more to me than any horse on the planet fall into my lap?  It was not by design.  Husband had knee surgery.  My horse was leased out. Had nothing to ride so I started riding her regularly. There was no immediate spark, no divine intervention, no dreams that told me she was the "one."  My trainer one day suggested that maybe I should consider taking Sega and making her into my new show horse if I was willing to spend the time it would take, years, to bring her along. She was five now with a few local shows under her belt.  She hadn't set the world on fire but they felt it might be a good match.  So I said yes not to the dress but to the horse.

We started out showing at 2'6 and there are some good stories like the time she took out an entire jump, standards and all  at Culpepper, because she was too lazy to pick her feet up on a hot August day (she never did that again), or the time she was a wild crazed chestnut mare in Ocala, jumping all the jumps 4 feet (she really did jump that high that day) for no apparent reason (trainer was horrified) and she never that again either.  As a youngster you have to try things once, right?  But the more we did the better we got, but it took a long time like my trainer had predicted. Like a good wine, the seasoning just takes a while.

When she was six, Sega was injured (her only injury) and she missed the show season from May to October.  But we managed to qualify for the Washington International Horse Show that year via Local Day and I took my young mare downtown to Washington to jump around the Verizon Center like a seasoned pro, not. She was like a deer with headlights shining in her face that day but she gave me 110 percent like she always did and we came home with our first ribbon from "indoors" (and certainly not her last).

Stay tuned............ 

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Ronner's Newest Collection

Ronner is one of the newer horse-related brands out there and I love it. From Bogata, Columbia, no less, this trendy but classic line with an equestrian theme is so different and refreshing. You can buy it at LA Saddlery but I have not seen it in the East.

The Margarita Shirt is one of my favorites.  It comes in three colors.  This is the one I like the best. See it here.

Stay tuned as they roll out their newest collection.  I can't wait to see it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Winter Steals and Deals

When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping. Right?  Being snowed in gives you ample time to shop the Internet for great deals.  So I've done some of the perusing for you.  Here are some of my picks for some great deals for things to wear and use now or later .....

1) Sun Shirt - Ariat
If you have not tried these shirts you should. They aren't just for riding but for anyone who spends a lot of time outside when the sun should be shielded.  Farm House Tack has these on sale and through Wednesday are are extra 10% off. Call them to get the deal.  See it here.

2) J McLaughlin Shirts
They have really good sales. There are lots of shirts on their site but this is one of my favorites.  And at 70% off, you can pick up a few.  See it here.

3) J McLaughlin Tote
Also love this equestrian-themed tote from J McLaughlin.  See it here.

4) Final Sale at J Crew - Extra 60% Off
If you can find something you love in the Final Sale section at J Crew you can take an extra 60% off right now.  I am loving this blazer a lot.  See it here. It's now less than $60.

As my mother used the say, "the more you shop the more you save."

Monday, January 25, 2016

Post Storm Dig

We were spared the "three footer" that hit Northern Virginia (and I'm not referring to a horse, at least for once) but we got our fair share of the white stuff over the weekend.  Lucky for us we have a big tractor as I am not sure what we would have done without it.  The horses loved being out in the snow and ran and romped after two long days inside.  It's back to normal now around here. It's funny how mother nature brings us so much beauty but then it quickly becomes a nusiance.  Enjoy your Monday!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

More Foxy Needlepoint

I love this Christmas ornament from Painted Pony Designs.  It will look great on the tree next year!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Needlepoint Luggage Straps

It's the small touches that make a room, like having nice luggage racks in a guest room.  And having needlepoint straps makes it that much nicer.  Like this one?  On Ebay, it is insanely inexpensive. If you need one of these I'd snatch this up in a heartbeat.


When I updated my guest bedroom last year I bought two luggage racks and searched for needlepoint straps but could not find any that I loved for the room.  There are plenty out there but none really fit the room.

Here are some more:

So I bought some 18" canvas and this weekend I plan to start working on the ones I am making custom for my room.  Will create a matching pair with monograms. White background, aqua and possibly green to go in the room.  It is so easy to do your own. Strips should be 2 1/2 inches wide (you'll need three for each rack) and 20" long each.  Get working!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Thelwell Pony Love

If you grew up loving the rotund ponies in Thelwell cartoons then you'll love this exhibit going on right now in the UK.  You can read about it here.

 In my youth, Thelwell was all the rage and you can still find remnants of this past on Etsy, Ebay and in antique stores.  Love it?  Look at this.....

You can find this on Etsy, very reasonably priced too.  See it here.

Love this bowl. See it here.

You can buy the books new on Amazon too.  See them here.

There is tons of stuff on Ebay (mostly prints) but I love this!  See it here.

This one is also adorable.  Love this stuff.  Find this one here.

It's so much fun to revisit our youth, isn't it?  Have a great day.  We are hunkering down for the snow dump coming tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Chairish Coffee Table Challenge

If you haven't checked out Chairish then you're in for a treat.  The site is a compilation of goods from those wishing to resell quality decor and it's like shopping in a well-priced antiques store from your own living room. 

Chairish asked Horse Country Chic to pick out a coffee table and decorate it.  In the hunt country fashion, here are our picks!

1) Horse Weather Vane
All tables need some height and this cute, old antique gives you just that.  And it can be a conversation piece.  Use this also on a mantle, in a kitchen on the counter. It is one versatile piece.
2) Tray
My parents had these trays and you know you're old when they are now in the antique store.  I love the hunt scene.  I like having a tray on the table instead of coasters.
3) Antique Bucket
This can go on the table or under it.  Love this.  Adds some whimsy.  Put flowers in it, ice it for wine, or fill it with boxwood balls.
4) Coffee Table 
This is to die for and I would probably have picked it for my own recent living room renovation if I hadn't had one already.  This baby can go anywhere and it has already stood the test of time.  It is expensive but this one can be passed down to the grandchildren.
5) Horse Blanket Pillow
Because this table is large, having a few things underneath it fills it up.  This pillow works nicely and you can put your tired feet on it. It's made from an old horse blanket no less.
6) Old Suitcase
Echoing the comments above, this fills the space a bit under the table.
7) Horse Book
Every coffee table needs a few books.
8) Staffordshire Dogs
You can't ever go wrong adding Staffordshire to your decor.  It brings a bit of old world elegance.
9) Brass Shell
I love this mid-century piece and I am not really sure what it is but it seems to go here.
10) Hermes Ash Tray
Anything Hermes!!! Need I say more?

Monday, January 18, 2016

More Foxy Needlepoint

If you need a winter needlepoint project this one may fit the bill.  On sale this week only, 20 percent off, from Po's Point.  Call them at (704) 553-8777.  This is by Birds of a Feather, one of my favorite vendors.  Love it! 

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