Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Odds and Ends

The last few weeks have been uber busy - traveling, horse shows, weddings, etc.  Not having time to really catch up, here are some odds and ends for this last day of September.

Baby April went to her first horse show in five years this past weekend and let's just say we still have work to do. She was not keen on being separated from Alfie so no more outings with her buddy, ever.  Lexie looks great on her.

 Found some great books in NY that I am adding to my fall reading list, now likely winter list:

 Found this really cute vase that I had intended to use in the living room but it found its way to the cabin where there is a perfect spot for it.

 At a country wedding we attended in early September they had some great ideas.  Love these treats for the dogs to take home with you!

Flower petals in an old trunk:

The signs included places all associated with the bride or groom.  My SO has actually been to Molde, Norway!

Happy Wednesday.  The rain has stopped for now, thank goodness!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Bar Cart is Ready

The new Bar Cart arrived last week and it's ready to go.  I used things I had in the house already with the exception of the tray, which I ordered specifically for the cart and the set of four bowls that I picked up at Target (thank you Nate Berkus for making Target so stylish).  And the decanter I bought in NYC last month. Everything else was here.  A round mirror will go over the cart once painted.

The decanter to the left is from Tiffany. The decanter on the right is made by Heisey and has horses etched on it but you can't see it in this photo.

 The bowls are from Target:

This is an old glass "bulb box" which is from my extensive glass collection.  Made in the 1920's.

 These stirrup cups are rare, I only have three and I have never seen them anywhere when I bought them in WV about 18 months ago.

 The tumblers are Heisey and have horses etched on them but can't see the details.  They were made in Ohio in the 30's or 40's. The blue goblets are a similar vintage, made in either PA or WV (I can't remember).

The living room is almost finished. Still holding out on the ceiling light fixture and waiting on some furniture to be recovered and the mirror needs to be painted. Never enough time!  Happy Tuesday. Noah needs to bring his ark in today - it's raining like cats and dogs!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Riding Style

There is an easy relaxed quality to what I call "riding style."  You don't have to be a rider, own horses or even know how to ride to master it.  Jackie mastered it beautifully as did many other style icons who happened to be an accomplished equestrian.

Here are some more photos of Jackie in this same style.  It's simple, a well fitting but not too tight pair of jeans, a simple cotton shirt, a tweed jacket for cooler temps and a nice pair of paddock boots.  A J Crew turtleneck is a good stand in once the weather gets cooler.  Today's booties will work just as well as a pair of Ariat boots or Tucci paddock boots.

 CZ Guest also had this style in spades.  Her shirt, what we call a ratcatcher, is still en vogue.

Taylor Swift carries it well too, she's wearing Ralph Lauren pants. Love the way she dresses.

Here's a few pointers....

If you want to buy some incredible boots that you can ride in or just wear, go with Tucci.  I have two pairs and they are like wearing custom made boots. See them here. Ariats are a less expensive alternative but they will not hold up nearly as well as the Italian brand.

Horse Country (not related in any way to this blog) is a great place to shop for country clothes.  If you are small, you'll be out of luck as they don't carry small sizes.  Here's a sampling of what you can find here.
 And you can always go to a classic like these from TB.
Happy Monday!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Murphy the Donkey, a True WWI Story

Murphy's story is true but relatively unknown after almost a hundred years.  Murphy, a small gray donkey was chosen to be a trusty ‘ambulance’ during the bloody Gallipoli campaign in 1915. He carried wounded soldiers over the hilly,craggy terrain to the field hospital as the bombs and snipers’ bullets rained down. The donkey was recruited by Australian stretcher-bearer ‘Jack’ Simpson, who cared for his brave helper day and night. Murphy never gave up or complained; he worked to the point of exhaustion, saving hundreds of lives.
At the end of the battle, when the time came for the donkeys to be returned to Greece, the Australian ‘diggers’ were desperate to protect Murphy - he was one of them, he was a digger and a war hero. They fixed a brown luggage label to his harness, bearing his name and status, and hoped it would secure his safe passage home.


There is a book available on Amazon, but only an eBook..

The story of Murphy and the Australian Jack Kirkpatrick (who had the original idea of using donkeys for transport during the Gallipoli Campaign) is legend in Australia and the UK.  Kirkpatrick served under the name John Simpson and are part of the "Anzac legend."   Kirkpatrick had worked with donkeys as a youth during summer holidays in Australia.  On May 19, 1915, during the third attack on Anzac Cove, Kirkpatrick was shot and killed by enemy fire.  

In May 1997, the Australian RSPCA posthumously awarded its Purple Cross to the donkey Murphy for performing outstanding acts of bravery towards humans.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Great Horsey Finds at Pottery Barn, On Sale!

Loving these items from Pottery Barn.................

Prices are great too!  See them here.

Equestrian Finds on One Kings Lane

One Kings Lane is one of my favorite places to find great home decor items and jewelry.  I have bought rugs, mirrors, lamps and linens from this online shop for years. If you have never shopped here, you should try it.  For one-of-a-kind items it's hard to beat.  You can now return items.  If you love unique equestrian style, check out some items I found this morning. 

This picture is ideal for someone who is on a team or better yet, the coach.

See it here.

 This set of antique trays could find a spot in my house!

 I have some of this jewelry and it is very good quality and the price is unbelievable. I paid much more for the items I have.

You can shop One Kings Lane here.  Suggest you search the entire site. Use "horse" or "equestrian" of "fox hunt" and see what you find. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Bar Car Decorating

My bar cart arrived yesterday and we unpacked it last night. I have one like this, from World's Away and I'm happy with it.  Now comes the hard part, decorating it.....

I added a large monogrammed tray for the bottom which takes up most of the space.  Mine will be used mostly for wine, Cognac and Port.  I have a few trinkets to use but will be looking to "finish" it in the coming weeks....Here are some pictures I found for ideas...

Once I'm done, I'll show you the end result.  Cheers until then!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

So-Southern Saddle Pads and Other Great Stuff

So-Southern is a great find.  I have blogged about them before (here).  I must say that in this world we live in, with the corporate greed and deception that has become commonplace (read VW and GM for starters) it's refreshing to buy "local" and from "small business."  Put them on your list for shopping this season as this is a great source to buy for anyone who rides; trainers, friends, barn owners, etc.  Just loving their stuff and their concept.

Check out their website here.

I love this saddle pad and they use the best brand, Wilkes which lasts forever (ask me how I know!)

This one is cute as well:

You can pick out fabrics for saddle covers or hat covers.  This fox pattern would be great with a monogram for your fox hunting friends.

They also make helmet bags and bonnets (for horses).  Here is the saddle pad they made for me.  I have not used it yet (it's almost too pretty to use) but will put it to use this weekend when I go out to a horse show.  They offer tons of fabrics to choose from.  The foxes above would also look cute done on a saddle pad with a monogram.

 Here is a belt they made for me.  You can pick your fabric.

Please check out this great store. I plan to do a little holiday shopping this season for sure at So-Southern!
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