Friday, September 4, 2015

Weekend Plans

Hard to believe it is Labor Day weekend.  I hate saying adios to summer, but oh well........ So here's what I'll be up to.....

I'll be in the car a bit so I'll get lots of stitching done on my wreath.  Love this one too!

 I'll be thinking about accessorizing my living room.  This tray was ordered in blue, for the new bar cart.
 I like this too, from One Kings Lane. We'll think about it for a few more days. Blue or gold?
 Thinking about the bar cart too.  This is the front runner from World's Away.
 Also trying to decide on pick seems to change every day but this one is still in the running as are the others below....

 Am off to a wedding, at a friend's farm, who also is a pilot, who flies for one the of the airlines.  The reception will be in the airplane hanger, on the farm.  Will we see this?

Lastly, will be counting the days until my annual trip to Flushing Meadows takes place, the US Open.  Cannot wait!!!!


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