Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Odds and Ends

The last few weeks have been uber busy - traveling, horse shows, weddings, etc.  Not having time to really catch up, here are some odds and ends for this last day of September.

Baby April went to her first horse show in five years this past weekend and let's just say we still have work to do. She was not keen on being separated from Alfie so no more outings with her buddy, ever.  Lexie looks great on her.

 Found some great books in NY that I am adding to my fall reading list, now likely winter list:

 Found this really cute vase that I had intended to use in the living room but it found its way to the cabin where there is a perfect spot for it.

 At a country wedding we attended in early September they had some great ideas.  Love these treats for the dogs to take home with you!

Flower petals in an old trunk:

The signs included places all associated with the bride or groom.  My SO has actually been to Molde, Norway!

Happy Wednesday.  The rain has stopped for now, thank goodness!

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