Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Cutest Horsey Gifts Ever - and Incredibly Well-Priced

There will be many orders placed to this place in the coming weeks. What a great source for very well-priced gifts for the horse lover, polo player, fox hunter, event rider, pony clubber.  Well, you get the idea.  Loving this tray. See it here.

Here are few more to choose from...

The store also makes brush boxes which you can customize.

Add an American Pharoah ornament to your tree:

Love these glasses too!

Go to their Facebook page here and shop till you drop!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Holiday Shopping Sources

Since I am not hosting a huge dinner tomorrow, I am already on to holiday shopping (in my mind at least). So I thought I'd share some of my favorite places to shop. Given my rural location, I use the Internet a lot.  I don't do the Black Friday thing and I despise crowds but I plan to make it out on Saturday to buy my boxwood wreaths and some other holiday stuff.  So here's where I'll be shopping this season.

L.V. Harkness in Lexington, KY is becoming an all-time favorite place.  While I've never been there (but will get there in the spring when I have a meeting in Lexington) I adore this place. I am certain my pocketbook will never recover once I see it in the flesh. China, crystal, linens, monograms, clothing, handbags, jewelry, they have it all.  Shop it here.

Horse Country in Warrenton, VA has been around a long time and my husband used to shop from their catalog every year for Christmas.  It's a great place if you have never been here and it is nirvana for fox hunters.  Their men's selection is very good. They have the best decor items.  They have a rare book collection and a good sampling of equestrian antiques.  It can be expensive but they have price points all over the place.  If you go there, plan to spend a few hours, the place is huge.  They don't have this Internet thing down too well so it's better to go in person but you can shop from the Web.  See it here.

Malvern Saddlery is near Philadelphia and I'll admit I have not been here either but I have shopped here and last year hubby dropped a few boxes from this place.  They have good upscale equestrian brands but their gift collection is very nice. Shop it here.

Caspari in Charlottesville, VA is nirvana for me.  I cannot wait to make my trek there this weekend.  The other store is in Paris.  They have a web site but most of the stuff is not on the Internet.  China, napkins, stationary, paper, jewelry, furniture, gifts for everyone.  I am amazed when I go here.  If in Virginia, please make a stop in downtown Charlottesville.  Shop it here.

The Keeneland Shop is another place that I plan to visit in the spring and they have everything here. Their Internet site is very good and if you can't find it here, well...... Shop it here.

The Tack Room in Camden, SC. is a place I buy many horse show items.  They have good prices, helpful staff and they will ship for free in many cases.  They are having a sale this weekend too. You can shop them here.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thanks and Giving

My late father was a great giver.  He raised money for the charities he loved, he had an uncanny way of convincing others to give too, often those that had a lot but did not give a lot.  I hope that he instilled in me and my sisters the gift of giving time and money.  While I don't think a blog is always the appropriate place, because it is Thanksgiving I am asking others to give maybe just a little bit.

A horsey friend (she and I competed our chestnut mares at the same time) has reached out to ask others to give. Only $1170 has been raised in 17 days.  One of the children rides (that is the connection to my friend who is now living in FL).  Surely we can all help here and give even $10 or $20 to this cause. These kids have lost a dad, all of their belongings.  This is the time to give.  You can go to the site here.

Captain Wesley Smith recently died in an extensive house fire that also destroyed most of the family's belongings. His wife, Sharlay, and two children, Ashley and Wesley Jr.,  now need your help & donations. Capt Smith served in the United States Navy for over 26 years and his family served along with him, making numerous sacrifices while he was deployed, and protecting our country and freedom. After years of thier selflessness and sacrifices, they now are in need of your help so that they may rebuild their lives.

First Coast News reported that "Capt. Smith took command of the USS Philippine Sea in October of 2013. In late September of 2014 the first tomahawk missiles in the fight against ISIS were launched from that ship under Smith's command. He was scheduled to turn over command in five weeks and move on to another assignment, but that change of command, Rowan says, came too soon."  Link to news segment...

 Be safe today.  Hug a loved one too!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Holiday Outfits

You've not seen much lately on the fashion front, frankly because I am not liking anything out there right now.  Usually I am able to make lists of the clothes I am loving for the holidays but my Visa is loving the inactivity.  I do love this adorable cotton skirt from Middy n' Me. Cotton does not work well in winter where I live and the line is uber-expensive but you've got to admit this is adorable.  You Florida girls should try this one on for the holidays.

I love Devon Bauer tunics for the holidays and this one does not disappoint. See it here.

I also love this Devon Bauer tunic in red.  Think of the possibilities.  See it here.  Hint, you can buy last year's models on the DB website right now for less than half price!

I don't have a lot of Kate Spade clothes but I do like this top for the holidays.  See it here.

Am I the only one not buying clothes this winter? 

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Gift Ideas for the Horsey Set

It's time to start thinking about gifts. I know, hard to believe but it's here.  I have many "horsey" friends and I struggle to find the right gift for my trainer, my horse show friends, and those that I see a lot but don't spend a lot of times in their homes.  So this year I am looking to Etsy to find some of these items and the choices, are well, unbelieveable.

This might make a good gift. Who can't use one of these and don't we all love something personalized?  See it here.

If your friends show and compete then this is a great way to use all those ribbons that end up lining our tack rooms and gathering dust.  See it here.

This is so cool.  For the horse person who has literally everything.  Love this!  See it here.

Or perhaps a customized grooming tote for horse shows.  Who would not love this?  See it here.

I love this too.  What a great idea.  This is a sign that you would take to horse shows with the owner's name, emergency contact information, etc.  Smart, cute, very practical. See it here.

How about this made to order helmet bag? Love this too! See it here.

Here's another one, personalized.  Love this!  Look at all of those color options...

Hopefully you can use some of these ideas.  I have one gift marked off my list today. Thank you Etsy.  And don't you love helping out the small businesses?  Yes, I do!

Friday, November 20, 2015


It's the little decorating touches that make a room look finished and put together.  Tassels are a fun and inexpensive way to add this touch and I love this shop on Etsy. These are SO CUTE and very reasonable priced.  Go to the shop here.

Use them as curtain tie-backs, on furniture, anywhere to add a bit of oomph to a room!

Foxy Friday on Ebay

Ebay can be a great source for needlepoint canvas if you are willing to take the time to search it. It's full of foxes right now.  Look.....

Some are priced better than others.  See this one here.

I love this one.  See it here.
These ornaments are so cute and well-priced. Comes with thread too.  See them here.

Have a foxy Friday!

Equestrian Table Linens

I'm always on the lookout for great table linens with an equestrian theme and am hoping one day I'll fall upon a great vintage set.  Maybe, just maybe.  But until that happens, I look for the new stuff and the selection is improving I'm proud to say. Don't know where to look?  Not to worry, I have you covered......

I like these a lot and there are several ones to pick from. At $120 for a set of six these won't break the bank either.  See them here.

Here are a few more, same brand different logo...

 These fox napkins come in white and also beige, from the same store.

This line is from Pomegranate.  I've blogged about them before.

 The snaffles come in three lively colors. You can also purchase napkins in the Pomegranate line and use them with solid color place mats. They also make aprons and table cloths in the same prints.  They are reasonably priced as well.

I also love these fox placemats.  See them here.
Happy entertaining and TGIF!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Equestrian Wreaths

It's not too early to order your wreath for the holidays. I put mine up right after Thanksgiving.  Here are a few I am loving.....

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