Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Antique Art Deco Glass Tableware

I've always loved china and glass and staying at home most of the past 15 months has made me love it even more.  I've learned to really appreciated the "old" stuff and want now to add more to my bulging collection of elegant glass which I have collected now for over 20 years. I used to attend many of the glass shows around western Pennsylvania, northern West Virginia and eastern Ohio but no more.  Etsy, Ebay, and referrals from those who collect are good sources.  And if you become a collector, create a book collection where you can identify the glass.  And the history.....

One of the manufacturers in Pennslyvania, Consolidated, made amazing art deco glass.  Vases are what you typically find now, but love this ice bucket.  Stunning!

Consolidated is known for this pattern, Dancing Nymphs, and it's hard to find these.  You'd have trouble finding enough of these to set a table but this is lovely.

A Dancing Nymph plate.  Rare and beautiful.

Morgantown Glass also made some lovely pieces and this manufacturer is easier to find.  Their best patterns were made in the 20's, 30's and 40's.  Love this pattern, Art Moderne Victoria.

Heisey New Era Glass, very art deco.  

Many companies made nude stems and it's tricky to learn how to identify who made the glass. I am not an expert in this area.  This is said to be a Cambridge Nude. Cambridge was based in Ohio.  Lovely.

H.C. Fry is another company that made elegant glass and Fry is generally hard to find. I have two Fry blue goblets and I'd love to find more but have never seen them since.  These green ones are quite lovely and rare:

Fry set up shop in Rochester, PA which is in Beaver County, near Pittsburgh. Incidentally, the famous athlete, Tony Dorsett lived here as did pop singer Christina Aguilera  . Fry went bankrupt during the Great Depression after Mr. Fry, the founder, died in 1929. So this glass is old. In 1933 the factory was purchased by Libbey Glass. This emerald color was advertised in 1925.  You can date glass by the color.  My stems are Delft Blue which was advertised in 1926. 

More Fry.  Same stem as the green ones above.  You can identify old glass also by the stem.

Monday, June 28, 2021

Harry Deleyer and Snowman

I saw over the weekend the Harry Deleyer had passed. If you aren't familiar with this story then treat yourself.  Harry saved Snowman from the slaughterhouse and the pair became unbeatable at the highest levels of showjumping during their day. It's a true rags-to-riches story. There is a book and a very good documentary. Both are worth reading and seeing.  RIP - meeting Snowman again for sure in heaven! Snowman died in 1974.  What a story.  What a life they both had.


Thursday, June 24, 2021

It's Wimbledon Time

 After a two-year hiatus, Wimbledon is back.  I can't wait to watch the white tennis outfits play out on dark green, later to be light green and brown grass courts.  Will this be Federer's last hurrah? Quite possibly.  We won't see Nadal or Osaka this year but neither were major contenders for a title here.  Will this be Venus Williams' last visit to the grass courts of London where she's won an amazing six titles?  Could be.

As usual, and like at the US Open, Ralph Lauren dresses the staff (and the fans).  You can buy the clothing at the Wimbledon store now or later on at Ralph Lauren.  This stuff usually sells out.  The quality is good and I wear my menagerie of US Open polo shirts often. Here is a preview of one of the polo shirts.

Love this one too.  It should be available soon.

I think I'll be adding to my US Open collection this summer.  

The fun starts on Monday! 

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Huntclub Belts and Shirts

Huntclub is a small, mother-daughter-owned company, based in Pittsburgh.  They sponsored the championship prizes at a horse show I attended this weekend and their belts were on all the riders. There's a reason for this - great quality, great price, and did I mention this is a small family-owned company?  Yes, I believe I did.

You can shop the site where you'll find a multitude of well-made belts in fun colors to wear with just about anything and these can be worn with shorts, jeans, dresses and pants.  Don't think for a second that they are only for riders!

Monday, June 14, 2021

Cache Pots

 Nothing sets off a plant or a basket of flowers better than a nice cache pot.  You don't see these much anymore but I have a collection that I pull out to use when necessary. And they make great gifts - graduation, birthday, anniversary, holiday.

Here are a few to consider:

1) Scully and Scully

2) Brass Vintage on Etsy (I would paint this with chalk paint)

3) Classic Blue Wedgewood

4) Italian Asparagus Vintage

5) Vintage Cream Asparagus

6) Vintage Yellow Lattice - Pair

7) Navy Patterned Cache Pot

8) Green Patterned Cache Pot

Saturday, June 12, 2021

Saturday Musings

This summer is remarkably different from last year where we were all hunkering down and staying in no matter what. While we are still being very cautious (no restaurants for us yet), it is nice that our world in the US at least is returning to a new normal.  People are dressing again (good news) but I still have not bought much (where to go to wear it?).  But I love this Tyler Boe dress.

The stitching craze has certainly slowed down (now maybe some of my stuff will get finished) but my stash continues to explode no matter what. There is a small trunk show going on now at Needlepoint.com and I picked up one similar to this Melissa Shirley Design. I've had my eye on one of these for a while.  Where to put it? Who cares.  Love this look but mine has a black background and what fun this will be to stitch.


Love these placemats.  Use them all summer long with white dishes.

Love these vintage Hazel Atlas mugs. I've never seen these before in mug style.Very mid-century.

Fantastic Etsy deal on a luggage strap set, perfect for a beach house.

I'm to start a collection of vases to force bulbs in the spring indoors.  Colored glass. Prefer vintage.  Not too expensive.  Check.check.check.

The vintage Lilly skirt fetish has not waned.  Poshmark is the very best source for these vintage finds.  Love this one!

And if you happened to watch the epic match yesterday at Roland Garros where Rafa was beat only for the third time.....well, it was epic.  There are no other words. Of course my power went out so I listened to it on the radio.  The women's final is this morning and the men's final will take place on Sunday.  If you can read this article, in today's New York Times, it's a great read about the history and transformation at Roland Garros, home of the French Open.  I am planning a trip for 2023. It's a bucket list item for sure.

You can purchase Roland Garros items online and they will ship to the US via DHL for a reasonable cost.  Love the 2021 Final Towel. This makes a great great for the tennis player in your life.

Friday, June 11, 2021

Baby Sleeping Signs to Stitch for a New Baby

My sister asked me to find some cute baby projects to stitch so here's a gallery of possible projects from which to choose.  They are all so cute I am thinking this baby is going to have more than one of these.

1) Shh Baby Sleeping Flowers

2) Catch a Falling Star

3) No Wake Zone

4) Counting Sheep

5) Wake It Take It

6) No Wake Zone #2

7) Baby Sleeping

8) Shhh Baby Sleeping

9) Baby Sleeping Train

10) Baby Sleeping in Boat

11) Baby Sleeping Gingham Pink (also comes in blue)

12) Baby Sleeping Pink Roses

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Athletic Chic

As a lifelong runner and athlete, I've always been drawn to the "look" - tennis whites, ski chic, running clothes, riding clothes - but when I wear Nike running tights and a pullover, it's usually because I am going running. I am not into the "look" without the sport so to speak. But I know it has become very popular, but it baffles me as most people I know who dress like this are not athletes at all. But in the vein of the French Open (now in progress and there has been some fantastic tennis this week) and Wimbledon in a only a few more weeks, let's relish athletic chic.  And don't just look it, go do it!

There are few brands that I love - Peter Millar, Nike, Tory Burch Sport, Lacoste - and others for certain products like shoes, socks, undergarments.

Love this Peter Millar top.  Golf clothes make great general athletic wear for all kinds of sports like riding, running, rowing, and tennis.

Also love this Peter Millar top at TJ Maxx, a really good deal.

I prefer Nike tights for running but these North Face tights are a super deal.  Perfect for running in spring and fall.

While we are long way from cold weather, I still hoard winter clothes like this turtleneck, which I would live in all winter.

Lacoste is a brand I have worn literally my entire life.  I love their classic French style and the quality of their shirts.

Love the slim fit polo shirts!

Love this look!  So classic.  

Enjoy your day and just go do it!

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