Monday, June 30, 2014

Southern Love

I've been away for a week and just returned last night.  Went South even though I live in the South.  It was great to be unplugged for an entire week!  But it reminded me how much I love the South.  So bear with me while I return to reality.  Will leave you with this.....

Monday, June 23, 2014

Sapphire RIP

McLain Ward's famous mare, Sapphire, died over the past few days.  She was a legend in US show jumping and won't be forgotten.  She died from complications of colic while in retirement and was 19.  Our hearts weep for McLain and all that were close to her.  She was a once in a lifetime horse. You can read about this extraordinary horse here. Please go hug a loved one today - horse or otherwise!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Parlanti Perfection

Visited the Parlanti booth this week at a horse show and the boots are exquisite as you'd expect from an Italian boot maker.  Nothing is made in China here!

Some of the boots are a little over the top - I am too traditional for these...

 The one on the left is made of Buffalo leather and fits like a glove.  The right one is the more traditional field boot.  Both are lovely.

 The paddock boots are similar to Tucci.

I love the dog.  His name is William Tell.

For more information on these boots go here.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Stable Influence

I love the look of putting stable doors in the house.  Clever isn't it? Adds a nice touch don't you think?  The stable influence, indeed...

These are just waiting for the right house!  

Monday, June 16, 2014

Celebrate Dad's Day

I'm a little late with Father's Day but I don't think my dad noticed.  It's no fun not having a dad to celebrate with but I had one for over 50 years, how lucky is that?  When I take my morning runs here in the country I am closest to my dad, it's a wonderful time of day and I know he's near.  Hope you celebrated with your own dad or step-dad.  Cherish the time!

 He loved his three girls unconditionally, here with my sister....

There's nothing better than a great dad!

Friday, June 13, 2014

The Stirrup Cup

I equate a stirrup cup with fox hunting.  Technically, it's defined as a "parting cup" given to guests, especially when they are leaving and have their feet in the stirrups, hence the name "stirrup cup."  Sometimes a stirrup cup is used as a name for the the traditional drink, usually port or sherry served at a hunt meet.

 Little is known about the provenance of the stirrup cup but it's generally believed that it's tied into fox hunting and is most likely English.  Between 1670 and 1760 "dram cups" or "tot cups" were used to serve drinks to English riders.  These were small two-inch silver handled bowls with feet and have been referred to as stirrup cups.  You'll see that stirrup cups come in many forms and that they are most generally a small shape that can easily be held while riding and therefore don't need a foot like a regular glass.

(unknown source, Pinterest)

Here are two dram cups from the 1600's:

Stirrup cups come in many forms. These are Staffordshire:

These are more modern, what you often see today:

Stirrup cups are collectable and some use them today as jiggers.  I had to include this, which I found, and I love it.  

Happy Friday! 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Equestrian "Chained Melody"

I don't know why designers always use the "equestrian chain" in fashion. You see it used on scarves, bags, shirts, sweaters.  Ralph uses it all the time. Hermes uses it too.

 Hermes used it on dinner plates.

Gucci is in on it too!

 See the resemblance?
Happy Thursday!
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