Friday, July 30, 2021

Is It Fall Yet?


This is has been the hottest summer that I can remember and unfortunately, this is likely the new normal.  Summer is my favorite season but getting up at 5:30 am to do my farm chores (when it used to be pleasant and cool) now requires a thin summer t-shirt and shorts so I don't sweat.  I have not been able to take my morning rides as my ring is like a brick even at 6:30 am.  There is no moisture in the air anymore, no dew in the grass, and everything is brown.  My once soft ring is now soft only if it rains.  And what is that?  I realize that many are sitting in their air conditioned homes turned down to 60 degrees and don't notice any of this, but please notice.  Our world has changed.

So I cannot wait now for it to get cool enough to wear fall clothes. Maybe by November?  But I can dream about it.  And I don't think we will be back to a normal life again in the fall either so not sure where to wear these but it is fun to look isn't it?  And think about our pre-pandemic and pre-climate change lives.....

Big fan of Everlane pants (great quality and they actually fit me).  Love these navy cords for fall with just enough of the wide leg:

Also like these pull-on chino pants from J Crew, a bit wider leg though, so you may need to be tall to pull this look off:


Love this dress that you could wear now but into the early fall (into October, LOL):

 Saw this jacket in the catalogue and love this.....

If you need a good basic dress for the fall this one is pretty darn close to perfect:

If you don't have a pair of these for fall/winter treat yourself:

Clogs are definitely back for fall.


Sunday, July 25, 2021

Opaline Glass

 My new love in the glass world is Opaline Glass.  The term "opaline" refers to a number of different styles of glass and it can be French or even Italian. In France, the term is used to refer to multiple types of glass, and not specifically antique colored crystal or semi-crystal, as is commonly thought, with 'opaline' often a mistakenly-given term referring to the color of a particular type of glass, rather than the age, origin or content of the glass. This is lovely blue opaline decanter.

'Opaline glass' is also a decorative style of glass made in France from 1800 to the 1890s, either opaque or slightly translucent, appearing in white or a variety of bright colors.   Love this French goblet.

Opaline glass was produced throughout nearly the entirety of the 19th century, though it reached its peak of popularity in the 1850s and 1860s. The glass is opaque or slightly translucent, and can appear either white or brightly colored in shades of green, blue, pink, black, lavender and yellow. Love these yellow cordials.

 Many different pieces were produced in opaline glass, including vases, bowls, cups, coupes, decanters, perfume bottles, boxes, clocks and other implements.

All opaline glass is hand-blown and has a rough or polished pontil on the bottom. There are no seams and no machine engraving, and most opaline glass is not branded or signed. Many pieces of opaline glass are decorated with gilding. Some with hand-painted flowers or birds.

In the 20th century Italy began producing a similar type of glass, labelled 'opaline veritable'. 

Love this vase!


Saturday, July 24, 2021

The Saturday Edit - July Version

Sorry I missed this post for June.  Life has been incredibly busy here on the farm.  So forgive me. Here it goes.....

1) Current Read - Far From the Tree by Robin Benway

This book won the National Book Award (always a sign of a well-written book) and I am just getting into it but so far so good.  I bought this book for a trip but it was not read then so I am trying to read more these days. LOL. (You can buy this book on Thriftbooks for under $5).

2) Currently Stitching 

I ordered this canvas after Alfie died and had the horses painted in black (for Alfie) and in chestnut (for Sega) as these were my two "3 footers" when I really showed the circuit.  Miss those days and it makes me realize how lucky I was to be able to show with such a nice pair. Those were fun days.  You can order Bonnie Alexander canvases from Po's Point and from the Stitching Fox. This one is 13 mesh.  I am using Silk and Ivory thread.

3) Netflix Recommendation -Mank

I am simply not watching television right now.  We spend our evenings out on the patio until dark and and then we retire. But I would highly recommend Mank if you have not seen it.  Very good movie.

A black-and-white David Fincher tale about the unsung screenwriter Herman Mankiewicz who helped Orson Welles write Citizen Kane. Step back into Old Hollywood, with beautiful cinematography and take in the behind-the-scenes of how studio systems functioned in a different time. Gary Oldman and Amanda Seyfried are among the exceptional cast of this biographical drama filled with the lightness and darkness of its hero's life.

4) Equine Product Recommendation - Judging Hunters and Equitation

This is a new book (it may not be out yet) written by two equestrian professionals.  Trisha lives in Virginia and is a well-respected rider, writer and photographer.  Julie is a professional trainer. Both are judges.  Can't wait to read this. Love the cover photo - from the Upperville Horse Show.

5) Recipe RecommendationFlower Child's Red Chili Sweet Potatoes

I was in Atlanta recently and dined at Flower Child.  My sister ordered vegetables and this recipe was incredible.  I ordered the sugar and the Tamari and it arrived this week.  I don't even like sweet potatoes but you will love this dish and it is very good for you.  

6) Whatever Else 

I love these clogs from Tory Burch, they are so 1970's.  Won't these be fun for fall and winter to wear with most anything you own?  Or are these just ugly?  I can't decide.


Friday, July 23, 2021

Fun Vintage Finds on Etsy

Here are some fun vintage finds.....

Love this set of Limoges plates.  See them here.

This is one of my favorite Haviland patterns.  Four are available.

Some of you may remember this book from long ago.

Love these vintage glasses!

And these vintage Hazel Atlas glasses:

A great book to add to your needlepoint library:

Love this vintage art print:

Love this vintage planter:


Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Table Tidbits - Table Setting Envy

 I don't think you can ever have too much stuff for your table.  Excess in most things?  Bad?  In table setting?  Never ever!  That's why my collection of place mats, plates, napkins, glass, and anything related to setting a table is huge - I need a closet.

Place Card Holders

I have an antique equestrian set bought in London years ago (and for a large dinner party having a set or two of these is ideal).  So I love these foxes..

You could mix the foxes with these silver hunting horns.  Just a thought....

Salt Cellars

An elegant table should have salt and pepper but I prefer cellars.  These are quite extravagant.  You can find small crystal ones at antique stores and then add sterling salt spoons.  These should be for royalty.

Fabulous Candles

The right light, the right scent.....

The Plates

We can do months of posts on plates.  My newest obsession, my Christopher Spitzmiller salad plates in turquoise.  The dinner plates - well the color is still out - down to lime green or hunter green.  Any color will do actually. Hermes orange anyone?  Love these.  I treated myself to a set of turquoise salad plates which I pair with my white dinner plates. More to come....


Sunday, July 18, 2021

Equestrian Shadow Box for Alfie

I am just now getting to the point where I can think about moving forward with remembering Alfie.  So far, nothing has been done - no grave marker, no horse hair bracelet, and no shadow box.  I definitely want to have a shadow box made for him.  I have his shoes, one of the halters he won with his name on it, hair from his tail, his wooden name plate from his stall and photos.  I want to pull some of his ribbons too.  He won a lot of tricolors so I have to decide which ones to include and which photos.

Here are some photos of shadow boxes that I have seen online...I think the first one is my favorite as it includes much of which I want to include - photo, ribbons, halter, tail. 

Saturday, July 17, 2021

Help Save the Planet One Day at a Time

I realize that climate change is a very unpopular subject for many, but the recent floods in Germany put it back on the front page where it belongs.  We can't keep putting our heads in the sand. This is real. It is not going away and it's going to get much worse.  Scientists are alarmed at how quickly this is happening, much quicker than anyone projected.  We will all be affected at some point. Our insurance rates will reflect the new reality if they have not already.  Gas prices. 

So how can we help?  We all need to start thinking about our actions, making decisions that in their own little way can help mitigate the onslaught of severe weather, droughts, fires, more pandemics.

1) Grow your own food or buy local

Supporting factory farming (which is huge polluter any way you look at it) is making climate change worse.  Start shopping at your local farmers' markets, buy from local vendors, not Walmart or grow your own food.  Eat less meat and poultry. 

2) Walk and bike more, drive less

I put less than 5000 miles a year on my car.  If you  live in the city walk instead of taking public transportation.  Most of us could lose weight anyway. If you must drive plan your trips so you take 1-2 trips to the store, not 3-4. Buy a bike. Don't drive if you don't need to and if you are planning to buy a new car, think electric or hybrid if you can.

3) Donate used clothing to a local thrift shop and buy secondhand

We all buy more than we need. I am very guilty here.  Stop buying stuff you don't need and take the stuff you don't need anymore and donate it.  When you do need something buy used.  I shop Poshmark regularly.  Thriftbooks for books (far cheaper than Abe or Amazon). Think about your purchases. Do I really need this?

4) Quit shopping at stores that just pollute

Dollar Stores?  Quit buying in small quantities that just create more plastic to pollute.  Why do we have to buy hundreds of bottles of bottled water?  What happens to all of those billions of plastic bottles.  They end up in landfills.  A huge polluter of methane gas - landfills. Use tap water and filter it.  Do we need all that cheap Made in China stuff that we end up throwing away?  No.We.Do.Not.  

5) Cut the AC off and the lights

I have yet to turn on my AC in the downstairs of my house. It is hot, yes. But I am saving a lot of money. Turn the lights off. If you are not in a room why are you leaving the lights on?  Why?  Use fans instead and burn candles for a romantic evening with no lights.   Turn your computer off if you are not using it and the printer.

Little stuff?  Yes.  But everything we can do to save our planet is worth it.  Think about it.... Life for the next generation is going to be VERY different from what we all knew.  Extreme weather. Hot. Cold. Storms like the one that hit Germany.  Earthquakes in areas that are not known for them.  Extreme drought. Some areas will run out of water - Arizona, parts of California, Nevada.  Yes. It is happening already.

Here are some of the top books picked by experts on climate change. Knowledge is power.

While we all sit home, the oceans are warming, coral reefs are disappearing, entire species of animals will die when their habitat gets too hot or cold. The ramifications of all of this is massive and it will affect all of us.

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Fun Summer Finds

 Where has the summer gone?  Better enjoy it before it's fall.  

Is this not the cutest romper you've ever seen?

Here is the long version and I love the back!

More summer place mats:

This is so darn cute. Love the zebras!

Love these chambray napkins from April Cornell:

This lucite flower vase makes the perfect summer hostess gift.


 This Sabre flatware is still on my wish list.

Came across these great summer place mats at Hudson Grace.  They come in three different colors.  Fabulous for the summer months.


Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Fun New Needlepoint

Some fun new needlepoint to stitch.  

Love this one!

Another great pillow canvas.

 You can never have too many flowers in the house and in the garden.  Love this one!

I have been stitching like crazy and will have a new slew of holiday ornaments for my garland this year.  Would love to add this ornament.

Love this rabbit!

A great holiday door hanger.

Not sure why this one is not in my stash.

Jean Smith is one of my favorite designers.  Love this one made into a pillow and how fun would this be to stitch?

The photo is not good on this one but I love this and it's on sale.  Would make this into a pillow. Very Hermesque.

More flowers.  Love this one!


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