Saturday, July 24, 2021

The Saturday Edit - July Version

Sorry I missed this post for June.  Life has been incredibly busy here on the farm.  So forgive me. Here it goes.....

1) Current Read - Far From the Tree by Robin Benway

This book won the National Book Award (always a sign of a well-written book) and I am just getting into it but so far so good.  I bought this book for a trip but it was not read then so I am trying to read more these days. LOL. (You can buy this book on Thriftbooks for under $5).

2) Currently Stitching 

I ordered this canvas after Alfie died and had the horses painted in black (for Alfie) and in chestnut (for Sega) as these were my two "3 footers" when I really showed the circuit.  Miss those days and it makes me realize how lucky I was to be able to show with such a nice pair. Those were fun days.  You can order Bonnie Alexander canvases from Po's Point and from the Stitching Fox. This one is 13 mesh.  I am using Silk and Ivory thread.

3) Netflix Recommendation -Mank

I am simply not watching television right now.  We spend our evenings out on the patio until dark and and then we retire. But I would highly recommend Mank if you have not seen it.  Very good movie.

A black-and-white David Fincher tale about the unsung screenwriter Herman Mankiewicz who helped Orson Welles write Citizen Kane. Step back into Old Hollywood, with beautiful cinematography and take in the behind-the-scenes of how studio systems functioned in a different time. Gary Oldman and Amanda Seyfried are among the exceptional cast of this biographical drama filled with the lightness and darkness of its hero's life.

4) Equine Product Recommendation - Judging Hunters and Equitation

This is a new book (it may not be out yet) written by two equestrian professionals.  Trisha lives in Virginia and is a well-respected rider, writer and photographer.  Julie is a professional trainer. Both are judges.  Can't wait to read this. Love the cover photo - from the Upperville Horse Show.

5) Recipe RecommendationFlower Child's Red Chili Sweet Potatoes

I was in Atlanta recently and dined at Flower Child.  My sister ordered vegetables and this recipe was incredible.  I ordered the sugar and the Tamari and it arrived this week.  I don't even like sweet potatoes but you will love this dish and it is very good for you.  

6) Whatever Else 

I love these clogs from Tory Burch, they are so 1970's.  Won't these be fun for fall and winter to wear with most anything you own?  Or are these just ugly?  I can't decide.



  1. thanks for the Movie rec + those clogs are cool + ugly at the same time :)
    Very 70's chic!
    love your blog.

  2. Thank you. Loved the movie. Still on the fence about the clogs.


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