Thursday, November 29, 2018

Holiday Dishes

My china fetish is well known by now - you can never have too many dishes.  It's so easy now to find china on-line and the store brands keep producing their own year after year so there's much to pick from.

These plates are made by Ballard and are very Spode-like even though they are made in China.  They come in sets of four and while not terribly expensive, they are a bit pricey for plates that are, well, made in China.  See them here. You can use these starting in fall through the entire winter season.

(Into the Woods accent plates)

These are also at Ballard and are more festive.  They also come in sets of four.  I pull my holiday dishes out after Thanksgiving and use them through January.  These would be cute paired with plaid dinner plates or chargers.  See them here.

(Yuletide Dessert Plates)

These Gold Cheetah Dessert Plates are quite versatile and could be used for many months.  If these go with your decor, these would be a nice addition to your collection.  Also from Ballard.  See them here.

(Cheetah Dessert Plates)

These Pottery Barn salad plates are adorable and will work well with plain white dishes.  Pottery Barn is a great source for seasonal dishes.  See these here.

If vintage is your taste then you'll love these dishes from Johnson Brothers which remind me of my grandmother's dishes.  See them here.

These accent plates from Lenox will also work well with white dinner plates:

These Cynthia Rowley melamine plates are so fun and perfect for a party.  They come in sets of 4 and at the price, you can buy as many sets as you want.  See them here.

I love these holiday animal plates. Pair them with plaid dinner plates for a festive look.  See them here.

Juliska is one of my favorite brands for dinnerware and I love their Reindeer Games plates.  Perfect for a party!  See them here.

You can also buy these in sets of four in case you don't need twelve:

I have one set of these and use them all of the year.  See these here.

You can also buy the Reindeer Plates in the Solo Sport pattern.  Love this!  See them here:

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

The Gifted Entertainer

We all know one of these - fabulous entertainer, can throw a scrumptious dinner party together in a matter of hours, great cook and decorator.  China collection to die for.  Flower arranger.  And can do calligraphy too for her place cards and invitations.  Charlotte Moss?  Bunny Williams? Carolyn Roehm?  All into one sweet package.  What do you buy this person?  Well, here are some ideas for Santa.....

1) The Southern Living Party Cookbook
This just came out so it's possible your entertainer does not have this one, yet.  It's fabulous as you'd expect from Southern Living.  See it here.

2) Tortoise Place Settings or Serving Pieces
I've always wanted a set of tortoise flatware.  Bunny Williams has a set for Ballard but I like these better.  If you don't want to splurge on a 20-piece set then serving pieces also make a nice gift.  You can't have too many of these.  See them here.

3) Cocktail Napkins
I love these Draper & James for Crate & Barrel cocktail napkins.  Perfect for anyone who entertains this holiday season. 

4)  Chargers
Any entertainer will love a new set of chargers to add to their collection of dinnerware.  Love these - they are so versatile.

5) Silver Stag Napkin Rings
Your entertainer will use her napkin rings and these are perfect for the winter season, not just the holidays.  They come in sets of four.  Love these!  See them here.

6) 6" Round Cachepot - Monogrammed
These have so many uses - for the table, kitchen, on a bedside table filled with ivy, use them for napkins in a buffet.  Love the monogram too.

7)  Linen Cocktail Napkins
Your entertainer will love another set of linen cocktail napkins as you can never have too many of these.  Love the topiary pattern too.   See them here.

8) Faux Greenery for the Table
This stuff is hard to find and will be perfect for the holiday table.  Two of these will make the perfect gift for your entertainer.  See them here.

9) Dog Salt and Pepper Cellar - Bunny Williams
If your entertainer is also an animal lover then this will make the perfect gift and it's on sale.  See it here.

10) Scalloped Hurricanes
These will look great on the dinner table on a patio or in a dining room.  See them here.

Monday, November 26, 2018

The Gifted Horse Lover

If you have a horse lover in your midst, perhaps not a rider or owner, but someone who loves equines, we have you covered here too!

1) Equestrian-Themed Shirt
Love this equestrian-themed shirt from J McLaughlin.  It can span the seasons, travel, be dressed up or down. And I love the primary colors!

2) Equestrian-Themed Cashmere Scarf
Who wouldn't love finding this under the tree?   Love the colors, the print, the size.  See it here.

3) Necklace
I love this necklace from Etsy.  And you are supporting small business!  Win.Win.Win.

4) Coffee Table Books for the Horse Lover
One of my favorite gifts is books! Who doesn't love receiving books?  See this one here.

5) Kate Spade Horse Sweater
Love this cute gray and black sweater from Kate and it's on sale today!  You don't need to ride to own this!  See it here.

6) Horsehead Cutting Board
You don't have to ride to have this in your kitchen waiting to serve wine and cheese.  See it here.

7) Canvas Horse Pouch
This is perfect to hold cosmetics, needlepoint thread, jewelry.  See it here.

8) China Bowl or Cache Pot
Who wouldn't love this Monteith bowl?  See it here.

9) Horse Waste Basket
Or this horse waste basket?  See it here.

10) Horse Door Mat
You don't have to own a horse to like this!  See it here.

There's a little bit of horse in all of us!

Sunday, November 25, 2018

The Gifted Classic Lady

Is there a "classic" lady on your list this year?  If so, we have her covered........

1) Tweed Lady Coat - J Crew
We love this classic tweed coat from J Crew that any lady will love.  Wear it with pants, over a LBD or even white jeans.  This won't go out of style.

2) Stationary
Any classic lady won't ever have too much stationary in her stash.  Some people use snail mail - email is not allowed for thank you notes!  This lovely group from Dempsey & Carroll will make a perfect gift.

3) Monogrammed Pads
You can't ever have too much monogrammed anything and these pads are perfect to sit by the phone, a computer, in the kitchen, wherever.  See them here.

4) Classic Wool Turtleneck
Do you know how difficult it is to find a 100 percent wool turtleneck these days?  These are wardrobe staples that any classic lady will love. See it here.

5) Pencil and Paper Cady
Another useful (but hard to find) item your lady will love.  This pencil and paper cady is perfect for bedside where she can jot down those entertaining notes.  See it here.

6) Fuzzy Slippers
Warm fuzzy slippers are a must in cold weather or to wear to the living room when presents are opened on Christmas day.  See them here.

7) Missoni Hooded Robe
A decadent robe is always a good choice for a classic lady. We love this one from Missoni.  See it here.
8) Hand or Body Cream
You can never have too much. Ever. See it here.

9) Silk Scarf
A silk scarf will always come in handy and I love this one - Versailles Bouquet - from the Met Store in New York.  See it here.

10) Classic Leather Gloves 
Leather gloves never go out of style and these come in so many fun colors that your classic lady will love and wear. See them here.

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Etsy Finds for the Perfect Holiday Gift

I'm a big Etsy shopper for the holidays.  Over the years I've made some unique purchases that have been popular and you are also helping a small business when you shop the site.  There's some great stuff there if you dig a little.  Here's some great gift ideas that I found....

1) Custom Snow Globes
Know anyone with a new house?  This custom snow globe, while a bit pricey, is really unique.

2. Pink Statement Necklace
I love this necklace.  It will add zest to any plain outfit.  The seller has some tasteful fun jewelry on her site.

3. Customized Deer Rug
This cute rug can be made in various colors and sizes.  See it here.

4. Personalized Door Hanger
Love this for the door!  This store offers many options for these cute customized door hangers. See them here.

5. Candles for Horse Lovers
Love these cute candles.  They'll make perfect gifts for the rider or horse lover on your list.  See them here.

6. Cocktail Napkins
I love giving these for hostess gifts.  The site offers many different options but the rabbits are so cute.  See them here.

7. Custom Notepads
Who doesn't love receiving cute stationary and pads?  These are so adorable. See them here.

8. Tartan Customized Cache Pot, Magazine Holder
This can be used a lot of ways - put paper whites in it, dried flowers, ivy, magazines, etc.  Anything you put in it - screams cute.  And the monogram makes it special.  See it here.
9.  Tartan Platter - Monogrammed
Classic.Cute.Personalized.Perfect.  See it here.
10. Unicorn Necklace
I love this handmade, one-of-a-kind necklace.  See it here.
It's Saturday.  Shop small!
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