Thursday, December 31, 2015

Out With the Old, In With the New

It's time to say good-by to 2015 and welcome a new year.  Let's embrace the new and the old.

 Some things get better with age, others not so much...

 Have a safe New Year's Eve and may your 2016 be everything you want it to be!  Thank you for reading Horse Country Chic this year!!!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Legends of the Fall, Part Two

 Sometimes "bringing up the rear" can be a blessing.  A warm October day about 15 years ago was one of those days.  I was blessed to be on Winnie, who loved to hunt. She had been a real star in her prime, winning tri-colors at Madison Square Garden, Harrisburg and Washington for her owner who went on to become a successful professional rider. Her glory days behind her, I was the lucky one to be on a mare who was good at all of her jobs.

(Winnie in her prime with her owner/rider)

Some days the hunt just went wild and this was one of those days when you couldn't help but wish every day was this good.  The hounds were running, the horses were galloping through the fields, it wasn't bitter cold yet.  It was nirvana.

I'm not sure what happened next but I looked up and saw a horse go one way and the rider go the other way. The sound of her hitting ground like a "spat" will never escape me.  Mary Ellen came off very hard and lay motionless.   She was a large woman, an experienced rider and it all happened so fast.  No one else saw the motionless woman laying on the ground in a heap.

Luckily, my SO was not too far away, and like the day Jimmy was taken out, he was called on to lead the medical corps.  He rode back to where Mary Ellen was on the ground and Winnie and I took off to the nearest house, not far away, and the owner was a good friend.  The Medvac was called and I timed it, eight minutes to arrive.  Who says air travel is inefficient?  That day it was spot on.

Things weren't looking good that day for Mary Ellen.  She was bleeding from her ear and was having difficulty breathing but she did not seem to be paralyzed.  Thank goodness!  The good news is that Mary Ellen recovered from her badly broken back and she was able to ride again eventually.  Her mother appeared at our door a few weeks later with a large bouquet of flowers, a huge smile on her face, thanking us for helping her daughter.  We were very worried about her that day, extremely worried is more accurate, but someone was looking over her that October day in Maryland.  It was the last time I hunted Winnie, the last time I went out with our beloved hunt and the last time I saw Mary Ellen ride.  Mary Ellen rode again, Winnie found a "forever" home in California and the hunting gods took care of all of us that day. 

Monday, December 28, 2015

Asmar Equestrian - For the Bargain Hunter in All of Us

If you love Asmar Equestrian clothes, but not the price, then you'll love their current sale going on.  Some of their clothing is greatly reduced right now.  This $138 shirt is now less than $30.  See it here.

The $350 Town Coat is now less than $100.  See it here.

The City Jacket, was $260 and now it is $78. It comes in many fun colors too. See it here.

The Del Mar Show Polo is now $30 (reduced from $128).  See it here.

Remember, the more you spend, the more you save!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Party Wear

If you have fun party plans for the new year or if you just want to find a great new outfit for the dinner or cocktail party in your near future, then here are some ideas.  I haven't seen a lot of clothes this season that I loved but these, well, it's never too late.....

This sweater is versatile enough to wear with black pants or a cute black skirt.  See it here.

This black cotton top is great for the warm winter weather we are having.  This would go well with many color pants: black, red, navy, green or even white.  See it here

This plaid dress is so versatile and can go formal or informal depending on selection of shoes or jewelry.  And it's on sale here.

Love this little black number from Trina Turk if you plan to go festive. See it here.

This entire outfit is already picked out for you from Monkee's (one of my favorite places to shop).  This one is from their store in Lexington, KY. Just call them!

Love this little number from Alice + Olivia.  It's on sale too.  See it here.

It's fun to be festive. 

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Twas the Week of Christmas, Global Warming Style!

Twas the day before Christmas Eve and the rain keeps pouring
It's so loud, you can't even hear Truman snoring.

The horses are blanketed and tucked in their stalls
Because it's so darn muddy outside, I wish we had a mall.

By tomorrow the temps will be rising to seventy or more
Who in the heck needs to go to Wellington for the holidays
Now I know why the trainers are all so sore!

I may be spending my holiday clipping horses and fur
Wish there some wise men who could help me, no need for incense and mir.

I'm looking forward to time off - turning off my computers and phones.
We'll be inside drinking cider and eating scones.

When the mud dries and the temperatures finally fall
We'll ride the rested steads, get them out of the stall.
Wherever you are, wherever you go.
May your holidays be filled with joy and maybe even snow.

 On Alfie, on April on Lola and Sega!
My steads all wish you the best year evah! (Southern style)

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Fior Da Liso Shirts

I love products that can be used for riders and non-riders alike.  Made in Germany, Fior Da Liso shirts fall into this category.  The shirts are absolutely gorgeous with small details rarely found on clothes today. Anyone can wear them.

The higher end tack shops sell these shirts but put one of these on with a pair of jeans, a simple leather belt and you have a great look.  Love it!

Monday, December 21, 2015

The Horse With the Flying Tail

Maybe you've seen the old Disney movie about a horse named Nautical. His story is truly unique.  In case you have never heard about this unlikely horse who went on to represent our nation in world show jumping competition.  He was born in New Mexico in 1944, and was at one point owned and trained by a Col. Anderson Norton. Otherwise, his history is mostly unknown. Nautical was officially registered as Peter De Oro, but was originally shown as Injun Joe.

American rider Hugh Wiley became a member of the USET in 1950 and he purchased Nautical in 1955 after seeing him at Harrisburg. 

At first, Hugh thought Nautical was completely nuts. He’d been told Nautical thrived on work, but when he worked him the horse exploded if he saw a jump. On the ground though, Nautical was gentle. Hugh headed to New Jersey to meet up with Team coach, Bert De Nemethy.
They arrived in New Jersey, and Hugh thought Nautical would the worst horse on the team. Once, the coach wanted to watch the horses jump a water jump and bank jump. Nautical refused both, until someone stood behind him with a whip. Then he jumped so high Hugh thought they’d never land.

Though everything else that day was a disaster, De Nemethy thought Nautical had potential. Over several months, all Nautical did was flatwork and he became easier to handle, but was still unpredictable. He’d take off at a jump, ignoring the rider.

While training for the 1956 Olympics, Nautical developed a sand crack on his left front hoof. The vet had to cut off most of the hoof so it’d heal. De Nemethy worked with Nautical once his hoof grew back enough and things were working out. Nautical was finally settling down.

Nautical showed at the international level from 1956 until 1960 and was a member of seven Nation's Cup teams.  He would be worth millions of dollars today with the record he put together in the late 1950's. 

Nautical retired at age 17 in 1960. He passed away six years later; his retirement was spent just being a horse. He lived at the USET training center in NJ then moved back to Hugh’s farm in Maryland. He was around 23 when he passed away.

You can read more about Nautical here .
You can buy the movie here

Last Minute Christmas Gifts

For the procrastinator in all of us, here are some last minute Christmas finds.  We all wait until the bitter end, right?  It's simply not too late, ask me how I know......

1) Anything Baker
I've been a fan of Baker products for years and they make great gifts for riders, horse owners and those who love the look.  The stuff holds up well too. My Baker duffle is an all-time favorite.  You can buy these products at The Tack Room.  See the Facebook page here.

2) Candles
You can't go wrong with candles. Who doesn't want a great smelling room?  Nest, Lafco and Thyme are my favorite brands.

3) Stuff for the Bar
Juliska makes a stunning collection of barware. 
4) Cocktail Napkins
I love buying paper cocktail napkins and giving them away 4-5 in a nice gift bag.  Who can't use these?  Monogrammed ones are superb if you can think that far ahead.

Cheers Ya'll!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Dubarry Love

I saw an incredible Dubarry display this week in Virginia and was thrilled that they didn't have my size in anything!  This stuff is so perfect for a country lifestyle.

I fell in love with this coat.  The quality is amazing.  See it here.

I also fell in love with this coat that comes in five colors. These are my favorites. See them here.

 Love this sweater as well and it comes in two colors (and it's greatly reduced) - see it here.

I've blogged about Dubarry Boots before.  They are the gold standard.  Worth every penny.  Comfortable, durable, warm, waterproof.  What more could you want!

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