Friday, December 4, 2015

Gifts Galore for the Holidays

Usually I have my shopping done by now but this year I'm far behind.  Since there's a lot of catching up to do, here are some potential ideas.  The race begins!

1) Ariat Anything
I love Ariat clothes.  These are not just for riders either. The clothes are well-made, they hold up, they are fashionable at a good price point. I bought this vest for a close friend and she loves it!  See the entire line here.

2) Flowers
Who doesn't love receiving flowers?  But flowers don't last long, so sometimes you hesitate to give them.  Sending this dried arrangement solves that problem as these last a long 18 months or more.   See them here.

3) Lotions and Potions
Perfume is a personal choice (and best left to your SO to supply IMHO) but I like giving fancy lotions or bath items. Who doesn't love a good lotion or a bath product? And it's something you typically don't buy for yourself.  See it here.

4) Good Quality Costume Jewelry
Finding good quality jewelry today is easy with the Internet. It's just picking it out that is so hard since there are so many choices. If you know someone well enough to buy a piece of good jewelry for then it's a good choice.Too many baubles in your jewelry box?  Never.


5) Cocktail Linens
Has the advent of Mad Men made the cocktail party cool again?  I certainly hope so.  Add some of these personalized cocktail linens to the uber entertainer on your Christmas list.  These are timeless (and reasonable).  See them here.


Happy Friday!

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