Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Elliott Daingerfield and Westglow

 While in Blowing Rock during our recent trip we stopped by Westglow, the former home of renowned painter Elliott Daingerfield.  Daingerfield (1859-1932) lived in Blowing Rock with his family as a very successful painter from 1886 to the end of his life. Once he made his fortune he built Westglow in 1917 and it is now restored and open as an inn and spa.  They have a lot of weddings here and there is also a restaurant. 

It is an upscale place that looks better in its setting on postcards and in brochures than in real life IMHO.  It is very "done" which is not what I think of when I go to Blowing Rock.  It is very nice though.  Here is a very old photo of Westglow from Tumblr.  Probably right after it was built or certainly 1920's.  The inside of the house is very nice indeed and it is not inexpensive.

Highlights from Daingerfield’s career include a 1902 “commission of the decade” to paint murals for the Church of St. Mary the Virgin in New York and a 1910 commission from the Santa Fe Railroad to create large paintings for display in railway stations designed to encourage people to tour the western United States. His works hang in the Metropolitan Museum, The National Gallery, the Mint Museum of Art and many other public and private collections. The Morris Museum in Augusta, Georgia is home to the largest collection of his works.

Here is a painting by Daingerfeld, supposedly the area around Westglow:

 Here is the lovely view from the porch at Westglow:

I don't know if we will ever stay at Westglow  I wished it sat on 50 acres of land as it's currently just boxed in between a lot of stuff and the house is right on the road. But like most everything in Blowing Rock it's still pretty nice.

Monday, October 29, 2012

WIHS is a Wash

 The Washington International Horse Show came to a close yesterday and just in time.  Talk about having horses wash down the streets of downtown D.C.  Most of those horses are well on their way to Lexington, KY for the last of the big "indoor" shows - what is now the National Horse Show (at the KY Horse Park).  Thank goodness it is not being held in Madison Square Garden like it once was.

(Shawn McMillen Photo)

Kudos to the young prodigy, Reed Kessler, for knocking out the competition once again where she topped off an incredible year with yet another blue ribbon in a big class, by winning the $100,000 President's Cup Grand Prix.  She rode her chestnut Cylana to the win in her first try on this big stage which also happens to be an FEI World Cup Qualifier.  

Let's hope everyone stays safe these next few days. Things are indeed looking very ugly in MD, PA, NJ and NY.  Hunker down everyone.  Mother nature's wrath is again upon us!

Charming (and Historic) Chestnut Hill

During my recent trip to Philadelphia, I managed a Saturday morning breakfast in Chestnut Hill, one of the loveliest spots in and around the city.  It is quaint, charming, very close in but yet far enough out not to feel like you are in the city.  And Chestnut Hill has an illustrious history too!

The village of Chestnut Hill served as a gateway between Philadelphia and the nearby farmlands. During the late 18th century, the area was one of many summer vacation spots due to its higher elevation, 400–500 feet (120 to 150 m) above sea level, and cooler temperatures than the historic Center City. Chestnut Hill is still stereotypically known as one of the more affluent sections of Philadelphia.

Chestnut Hill (along with many other towns and farmlands of Philadelphia County) became part of the City of Philadelphia in 1854 when the County and the City became completely coterminous. In the same year, the Chestnut Hill Railroad opened, making an easy commute to and from Center City.

 The neighborhood contains a wide variety of 19th and early 20th century residential buildings by many of the most prominent Philadelphia architects.  The photo below is Inglewood Cottage, a Gothic Revival "villa" built in 1850 designed by famed American architect Thomas Ustick Walter, the fourth architect of the U.S. Capital.  This was one of the first summer homes built in and around Chestnut Hill. 

 (Wikipedia Photo)
This photo is Boxly, a Mantle Fielding designed home that was built for Frederick W. Taylor who died in 1915.  Taylor was a well known "efficiency expert" (who knew?) who purchased the property in 1901.  He used the construction of the house as a laboratory to test his theories of labor efficiency.  He even developed efficiency theories for playing golf, tennis, even planting boxwoods.  (Can you imagine living with this guy?)
Only the left side of Boxly remains in existence today.

 (Chestnut Hill Historical Society Photo)

So my brief period in Chestnut Hill was spent walking down the main shopping area (where we had breakfast) and window shopping (it was early).   Here are few photos I was able to take, mostly of windows but I want to go back!  Great color block dresses!

We saw this cute bakery but dined somewhere else.

Can you see this window display?  Very equestrian!

This is from the Philadelphia print shop. Great source for old etchings!

Another really cute sign!

The area is simply charming but I love all the history of Philadelphia.  Let's hope the area is not hit too hard by the impending storm.  Stay warm and safe.  We are being spared so far in this part of Virginia but I am afraid we will get snow!  Happy Monday and happy Halloween too!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Great Equestrian Costume Jewelry

When in Blowing Rock, I came across some really nice and very reasonably priced equestrian-themed jewelry.  Last year I bought a necklace and a bracelet from this same line and am happy to report that the gold does not wear off and I have worn the necklace quite a bit.  Take a peak!  The fox was a favorite!  My photography does not do it justice.

You can buy these pieces in either silver or gold.

The pearls added in are nice.

I love this one, with the color!

Here it is in a ring:

More bracelets:

 This one looks like a charm bracelet:

A fox bracelet with some pearls! Santa are you there?

You can order these from the store, Finley House Couture in Blowing Rock, NC.  The number is 828-295-6373.  Tell them HCC sent you!  They had just received a shipment and trust me, this stuff won't last long!  Happy shopping!

Another Blowing Rock Trip!

We just returned from a quick trip to Blowing Rock, NC, one of my favorite places in the entire world!  We made a trip here last October and blogged about it then.  This trip we stayed at the Gideon Ridge Inn, which is just outside of town, on the ridge that overlooks Grandfather Mountain and a host of other mountains.  Needless to say, we had perfect weather.

The Inn is delightful and I am sure we will stay here again.  It is a nice combination of rustic charm and luxury, not over the top but very nice. Great views from every room.  The house was built in 1941 and has not been altered much.

We dined here one night and loved the food and the atmosphere.

I cannot wait to go back!  We may find time in early 2013 to get here. It is about a 4 hour drive so it is not close, but the drive down the Blue Ridge Parkway is so relaxing and enjoyable.  Enjoy your Friday!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Mid-week Junket to North Carolina

We just returned from our annual fall trip to the North Carolina mountains.  What fabulous weather we had!  Unbelievable even though we missed the peak of the leaves by a few days.  But I will take it.  Here are a few photos  - I'll be back tomorrow in full force!

We did not stay here this time but we walked by this lovely inn right in the middle of town.  

The inn is really nice but these photos don't convey its charm - but it's location is wonderful!

The views were unreal.  Everywhere you turned it was crystal clear and sunny.  Warm but not too warm. This is the view (one of them) from the inn we stayed in.

More views!!!!

I'll give a full report tomorrow.  Enjoy this weather. Winter is coming next week!!!!

Monday, October 22, 2012

World's Cutest Equestrian Dishtowel

One more post from Anthro and I promise to change the subject but this is the cutest dishtowel I have seen in a long time. My friend Jessica bought me two of these for an early birthday present.  Are these just not adorable or what?  You can order them here:

Early Christmas shopping is in order I believe.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Equestrian Influence at Anthropologie

Returned home late last night and slowly getting back into the swing of farm life again.  Give me a few days please!  Here are some great new finds at Anthro. Did some serious shopping at Rittenhouse in downtown Philly while I was away with my great friend Jessica. One of their buyers must ride!  This is too cute.

Love the necklace too!

Then that fox stuff again.  Tory must have started a trend. Great story about her on Rock Center this past Thursday. What a class act she is!  Enjoy your Sunday!

These are fox tights:

A fox t-shirt no less:

And this great belt:

And this cute necklace.

Shop till you drop!
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