Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Needlepoint Horse Rug

My first rug arrived in the mail yesterday.  I worked on this rug on and off for three years and sent it to the finisher in May.  It finally arrived yesterday, and yes, it was worth it.  I simply love it and I even found the perfect spot for it on a landing in my staircase.

The rug is wool and it is smaller than I thought it would be when it was completed.  The horses have blankets on in bright colors.  I changed one of the blankets - too much purple.

I completed one other rug a while ago, but it is much smaller and it was my "second" rug.  I have one more to complete - have not even started on it yet but probably will get it started this winter. Because of real work and farm work, I don't get much done during the summer and spring months.

You can see the fox rug here.  The horse rug is by Elizabeth Turner.  She has some great equestrian needlepoint designs and you can see them all in person at her store in Lexington, KY.  But you can purchase her products from other stores. Most stores will have a book and there will be photos of the designs.  Most stores don't stock a lot of rugs anyway as they don't sell them that often and they are expensive.  What do you think? Was it worth the hundreds of hours it took to do this?


  1. It's beautiful! You should be very proud.

  2. Absolutely it is worth it. Beautiful.

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  4. Absolutely love your rug! I also believe wholeheartedly that it’s worth the therapeutic hours you spent making it. Just curious, what shop in Ky? I live in Louisville but buy all of my needlepoint supplies in Lexington.


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