Thursday, October 25, 2012

Mid-week Junket to North Carolina

We just returned from our annual fall trip to the North Carolina mountains.  What fabulous weather we had!  Unbelievable even though we missed the peak of the leaves by a few days.  But I will take it.  Here are a few photos  - I'll be back tomorrow in full force!

We did not stay here this time but we walked by this lovely inn right in the middle of town.  

The inn is really nice but these photos don't convey its charm - but it's location is wonderful!

The views were unreal.  Everywhere you turned it was crystal clear and sunny.  Warm but not too warm. This is the view (one of them) from the inn we stayed in.

More views!!!!

I'll give a full report tomorrow.  Enjoy this weather. Winter is coming next week!!!!

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