Tuesday, October 2, 2012

It's a Wrap, I Mean Wreath

In decorating for fall, getting rid of the tired summer flowers like gerber daisies and geraniums, wilting herbs, I've been bringing in the mums, the cabbage plants and stuff like that.  Arranging flowers is not a strength and I struggle with it every time.  We don't always get the skills or talent we want.

I've been looking at wreaths too as an easy and painless way to add some fall color and decoration - and love that you can just pull it out of a box and use it year after year.  So what do you think about these wreaths for fall?  And I love that you can use them until it's time for Christmas (hard to envision the holidays although they are pulling the Santas out at Wal-Mart).  Horror!

These are from Williams-Sonoma:

This is from Etsy:

This one is from Pininterest:

Do you have a fall wreath in your future?


  1. Very pretty. I like all of them.

  2. I'm planning to order the quince and cinnamon sticks wreath from Williams-Sonoma. I'm going to hang it outdoors, but I have a porch for some protection. I'm more concerned about sun damage.

    You posted some beautiful selections.

  3. I think they're charming. You might be a little disappointed in real life with the Etsy one: there are a lot of things that look nice in a magazine, on Etsy, or on Pinterest, but are nothing in real life.

    Williams-Sonoma is stunningly expensive for such things. Your choice, of course, but you might find it's enjoyable to take those wreaths as models and learn to make them yourself for less than 1/3 the price.


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