Sunday, May 31, 2020

Small Business Spotlight - Beaufort Linen Company and Calypso Cottage

Every few weeks until life returns to normal we are highlighting small business.  This effort hopes to make you aware of fun boutiques you might not have heard of and thus, start supporting them.  Secondly, we should support our US-based businesses, buy less, buy better quality products that last.  And please email with suggestions of companies in your own local markets that could be highlighted in the future.

Today I will mention two businesses.  I have visited both, in person. 

Calypso Cottage
Calypso Cottage is based in Beaufort, NC (not to be confused with Beaufort, SC and the NC town is pronounced "Bo fort")

The bricks and mortar store is tiny, in a small house, a few blocks from the main shopping area. You almost have to know it is there.  It appears that they are just starting to put their products online.   The store offers just what you'd expect from its name - cute island-like dresses, jewelry and linens.  If India Hicks had a store this would be it.  I love their jewelry and have the most magnificent bead necklace that I purchased a few years ago.  Hoping that they'll continue to add to their website. But here are a few of my picks:

Love this Ikat dress, perfect for pandemic dressing.

Beaufort Linen Company
This cute store is on the main drag in Beaufort and offers a great selection of clothing, jewelry, hats, linens and decor items. Their products range from incredibly reasonable to pricey and I've noticed that they do run out of things - so if you like something you should snag it.  The website is regularly updated. There is a lot to love here.  This is the inside of the store.

Here are some of my picks:

Love this casual dress, a great buy at $38.  See it here.

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Budget Friendly Vintage Needlepoint Finds

Want to add to your stash but have a budget?  Here are some great finds, some with thread, to add to your stash.  We all love a bargain? Right?  Make sure the canvas is "hand painted" and not "hand printed" just fyi...





Finished Needlepoint Projects - Part Three

More needlepoint and more to come....

I have a collection of door hangers that I put on my powder room door.  I'd love to have one for every season, every holiday, but I am not nearly there yet. You can use canvases that perhaps you had not considered for a door hanger.  You can be creative with needlepoint. Modify one to make it work.  This is my favorite, the first one I finished, from Birds of a Feather and it is hanging now.

This is another one from Birds of a Feather that I stitched for my sister. Her birthday is around Thanksgiving so it was certainly appropriate and I love it. This is also from Birds of a Feather and they have one for each season.  This is a fun one to stitch too.  Lots of color, on 14 canvas and it did not take long to stitch.

This is an ornament from Painted Pony, old enough that you may not be able to get it now.  But the background is in mint green. 

This is from hubby's needlepoint belt collection.  These are old, I'd do them a bit wider now.  The fox one and the airplane one have his initials. 

This is a pair of rabbits that I stitched a few years ago.  I left them out since Easter.  

This last one is not finished yet but it may be a while before this one gets finished.  It will eventually be made into a very small handbag.  The handle will be leather, from an old bridle noseband most likely and will line it in striped or plaid silk (browns and greens).  See the finished one at the end for an idea of what it will look like.   I struggled with this one, not having too much glitter and took out a lot before it was finally finished. This was purchased from Stitch in Middleburg, VA and I have never seen it since.  Do not know who made this one.  If you are interested contact Stitch.

The fox head will be on the top.

 When I finally get mine finished I will show you the finished product. Definitely needs a tassel too.

Friday, May 29, 2020

Fun Friday Finds

Here are some fun Friday Finds this last Friday in May. Where did the month go?  Hoping you are staying safe, in place.

Love this very unique vintage transferware vase.  Especially like the color. Put this in a room with a lot of navy or chocolate brown where it will pop.  See it here.

A fun and very inexpensive book to add to your library. I already have this one. See it here.

Love this old ABC plate. I have a similar one that I keep on a table in my den, on a wooden plate stand. Very collectible. See it here.


Love these Hazel Atlas vintage glasses, perfect for your bar cart.  See them here.

I used to have one of these.  When I saw it so many memories came back.  Love this. See it here.


Love this Hermes-like canvas to stitch and it comes in several colors.  Not sure which color I prefer..... See it here.

If you are into stitching and don't have a good pair of embroidery scissors then treat yourself and trust me, it is worth the investment. Love these:

And if you want to be really decadent, then stitch a scissors cover for your new scissors. I just bought one (a vintage one) from Ebay but I love these from Whimsy and Grace:

And I also love this one which I found at

And if you have been wanting the oh so very cute Jack horse racing sandals, they are greatly reduced which makes it much easier to add them to your closet. A wardrobe staple... See them here.

 Love this quote from Winston. Wishing we had a Winston right now here in the US......

And one day I plan to stitch this quote for my very own pillow.  Love this one!

Enjoy your Friday!!!!!
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