Monday, May 18, 2020

My Equestrian Needlepoint Hatband Project

I reluctantly pulled out my old Bernina yesterday and finished my needlepoint hatband project.  As you can tell, I hate to sew and even for a quick project like this it took all kinds of motivation.  But the finished project was worth the effort and I can't wait to wear this (around the farm, sigh, for now).  You can read my earlier post about this project here.

It was unclear if I was going to be able to sew through the needlepoint but it was not a problem.  Finishing needlepoint is not a strength, so I may consider sending the next one out to a real finisher.  But this is all you need to finish:

A ribbon the width of your hat band - enough to cover the backside and to make the tie ends on the front.  I bought mine pre-pandemic at a fabric/upholstery store.  You can buy online too but without a great selection or the ability to match colors.

A sewing machine with matching thread.

A hat. (Target was my source, online).

I did not have to add any backing to the canvas to make it stand up like I thought it would need. Drum roll.........

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