Friday, May 22, 2020

The New Rules for Summer Dresses

More dresses. Yes, dresses on the brain this week. As we all have to rework or rethink the way we live we also have to rethink the way we dress. Personally I don't want to live in sweats and t-shirts and think hubby gets tired of seeing me every day in Ariat top and breeches.  So I am going to update my dress wardrobe although I have a few that fit this bill from the broken arm years of my life (another story).  These are summer dresses you can wear for dinner, for your bi-weekly trip to the market, or to wear around the house.  Here are the rules this summer for any new dress that enters my closet:

1) No belt
2) All cotton or cotton and silk  (read all natural fibers which scream comfort and longevity, but at a certain price point I can reconsider this rule)
3) Not too short (no more than an inch above the knee -35 inches or longer for me)
4) No bare shoulders (still self-conscious about my "separated shoulder" permanent bump)
5) Not too expensive unless it is just to die for (read Thierry Colson not on sale)
6) Must be darling, adorable, fun, or beautiful - life is too short not to look good
7) Must be easy to take on and off and comfortable
8) No see-through - dressing for home not the beach
9) Colors must be vibrant and fun or easy to accesorize or if not, must be able to go into fall
10) Not too trendy
11) Not too wide - you don't need to look like a beached whale
12) Can I wash it at home?

Ready, set, go..........


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