Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Finished Needlepoint Projects - Part One

I promise I'll quit talking about needlepoint soon! But because we are all sheltering in place there's a lot of stitching going on. Someone asked me to share some of my finished needlepoint projects.  Here's a sampling.....

This is my pride and joy, a 5 x 7 rug that I stitched in wool. Just a footnote - I don't keep this out - I pull it out and use it when I have company or when the mood strikes me. And the perfect spot for it is on the landing halfway up my front stairs.  It was a labor of love and I stitched it in 10 mesh so it went quickly. I bought this at M's Canvas House in Lexington, KY and they pulled the threads and finished it. Po's Point in Charlotte also has it and I added the monogram. This is an heirloom now and I encourage you to try a rug - so much satisfaction....

This is the other rug I completed, a Susan Robert's pattern that I have not seen in a while and a much less ambitious project than the horse rug.  If you decide to stitch a rug, make sure you have a few smaller projects going on at the same time that you can switch to and a rug is heavy and may not be ideal for working on outside in warm weather. 

This is a Susan Roberts' wreath that I did for the cabin and I think you may be able to get this also at Po's Point in Charlotte.  I have a Christmas version in my stash (bought off Ebay for pennies on the dollar).  This was also fun to stitch. Check out the size of the wreaths as some are smaller than this one. I like this size best.  Po's Point also finished it.

I made this for the cabin. This is a Birds of a Feather sampler and I turned it into a hanging picture. It's probably 12 x 12 or even 14 x 14.  It's done in Silk and Ivory mostly, 14 count and it is stunning. I often take a canvas that is intended to be a pillow and will hang it. Buy fantastic ribbon or trim to make it even better. 

My ornaments are packed up but this is one I did a while ago.  It is done in a mint green background.  Love the horsey ornament. Po's Point in Charlotte is a good source for these.

This is a pillow that now sits in my master bedroom. The background is light blue and the pillow is backed in a green.

This is a Kate Dickerson design that I finished for my guest bedroom.  I have this fabric on a chair. Love the way this turned out and I added my monogram.

A horse race pillow (Po's Point in Charlotte has this canvas as does Stitch Therapy) and this was so fun to stitch. It is finished in black velveteen.

More to come!

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  1. Ann,
    Oh my gosh! That rug! Everything is so gorgeous! It must give you such pride to finish a piece. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.


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