Thursday, May 21, 2020

Gear Up for Summer Riding

We may be waterlogged here in Virginia this week but summer is coming.  Summer is my favorite time of the year for riding.  Yes, it's hot, muggy, there are bugs, but nothing is more refreshing than an early morning ride.  I ride early once the weather warms up to avoid hard ground, late afternoon storms and there's something about having accomplished something by 8:30 am. 

Gear up though to ride in the heat.......  And HCC readers get a 20 percent discount, using promo code ATREAD20 at check out on all orders. 

I like wearing a more breathable sock for summer riding and these do the trick nicely, ventilated socks and they are very reasonably priced, so pick up a few pairs for summer riding.  See them here.

These are perfect for those tight tall boots.  See them here.

I also like wearing a lighter weight breech for summer riding and pull-ons are easy.  Love these for summer, prefer black as it stays clean.  See them here.

Love this warm weather polo shirt in high tech fabric that's perfect for those summer morning rides or lazy days at the barn.  It comes in three colors, love them all.  See this one here.

Love these sun shirts and they are very reasonably price.  It comes in many colors too. See them here.

Love this one too which is a take on a Burberry plaid. Very stylish and fun. See it here.

And love this navy blue shirt for summer riding which also comes in white.  See it here.

And if you prefer a more traditional slant on summer riding try these Coolmax breeches which come in several colors.  See them here.

And I love riding in my blue jean breeches.  Honestly I never thought I would but they are comfortable and practical and never get dirty.  And they go with everything!  See them here.

Add a cute wide belt for a great summer look.  See this one here.  I'd also wear this with a white t-shirt and jeans all summer long.

Stay safe and stay in!  Ride till you drop!

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