Monday, May 25, 2020

Belmont Bash - Plan Your Pandemic Style Belmont Stakes Party Now

One of the best races of the year is coming in less than a month and I can't wait to watch the Belmont Stakes live on June 20th.  With one of the best three-year-old crops in years, this year's race is going to be as good as it gets for horse racing fans with three undefeated colts battling it out (Nadal, Maxfield and Charlatan) with the ever so good Tiz the Law who has already won a graded stakes at Belmont.  It's difficult not to think about celebrating this with friends and family especially given the isolation we've all been living with the past few months. A Belmont Bash?  Really?

So how can you pull this off and still social distance and do the right thing? I have some ideas.......

If your house set-up will allow, you can social distance and host a party with television sets in different rooms, food scattered across the house, so that people don't congregate in close quarters together.  This is not ideal and many may still not be comfortable with this idea but it could work depending on your house layout and how responsible your guests will be.  But still not ideal......

So here's another plan.

* Create your guest list
* Send out a "Save the Date" email or cute card via snail mail (snail mail is always best).  This one could be altered for the Belmont (see it here).

*Order huggers for your guests.  I love these and these could easily be created for your 2020 Belmont Bash. Suspect these vendors are not terribly busy and could get these out rather quickly.  Mail them or drop them off for each guest.

* Ask each invitee to decorate, somehow for the Belmont:

Guests have to share a photo of their decoration by 3 pm the day of the race.  All photos are shared with the entire party list by 4 pm.  

Betting can also be done by assigning each group a horse randomly.  The winner gets a prize like these horse racing cookies:

Love this vintage Belmont Stakes winner clock.


Or provide the winner with a bottle of Woodford Reserve, the liquor of choice for the Belmont Jewel, the official drink of the Belmont Stakes:

 It's not ideal but it is more fun doing it this way than sitting home all by yourself watching the race. But remember no matter how good the horses are this year (and they are pretty darn good), we'll never have another one like this one......

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