Sunday, May 3, 2020

These are a Few of My Favorite Things

I was almost in tears yesterday watching the live footage from Churchill Downs - it was just so empty.  The photo of the lone cello player on the lawn was quite sobering.  But it was fun to watch the 2015 Derby all over again and I had not remembered what a close race it was, American Pharoah won of course, but it wasn't easy for him.  I had forgotten that part.  And did you see the photo of Pharaoh watching his own race from his stall?

This Sunday is lovely outside, the grass is green, the birds are singing, the animals don't know we are living in historic and dangerous times.   I leave you this morning with a few of my very favorite things.

Lettia Bamboo Boot Socks
I wear these almost every day except on super hot and cold days.  These boot socks are reasonably priced and have just enough cushioning.  They hold up better than Smartwool socks but I do wear these out too.  You can buy these at many tack stores online - Dover, Smartpak, The Tack Room.  The colors and patterns - dogs, flowers, foxes, horses, sayings - make them whimsical too.  And they also make a short version.

Tory Burch Kendra Cardigan
This is a staple for my wardrobe and will never go out of style.  The older versions were lined in silk (now in poly) and mine have pearl buttons with the logo on them.  I would love to add several more of these to my closet in various colors. Wear with jeans, with nice pants or a skirt for work, with a Lilly skirt.  And I try to buy them on sale. 

I received an email this week that this product is back.  This is the best product for creating a very natural looking "base" for your skin in lieu of foundation.  I have used this for years and several years ago they quit making it.  If you have not tried this, please treat yourself.  You'll never use regular foundation ever again and I suspect others like me will stock up before it's gone again.  I typically go through a bottle in a year's time - so it does last.

Ariat Sunshirts
I live in these all summer long and Ariat is my favorite brand for these.  They are also on sale right now at Smartpak. You can't beat the price.  Even if you don't ride, wear these for walking the dog, running errands, biking, etc. They make them in solid colors too.

Junior League Cookbooks
My collection of cookbooks is overflowing but the ones  I use over and over again are the Junior League cookbooks.  You can buy these very cheaply used online and I've never cooked a bad meal from this one in particular.  If you are running out of cooking options try a few of these.  Many city leagues have their own books.  You can't go wrong.  See this one here.

See this one here.

See this one here.

Enjoy your Sunday. Please be safe and stay home.

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