Saturday, May 9, 2020

More Needlepoint Canvas Picks

I have been adding to my super stash (I am hoarding just in case things get really bad) so I will have years of stitching.  Readers ask me where I buy my needlepoint. Since there's not a store in my town, I order online a lot and buy thread from a store about an hour away.  And if you stitch long enough you'll have a stash of thread too.  But I often shop the trunk shows to save a little (usually they discount at a trunk show).  Right now, stitching is super popular, so it's getting harder to get canvases. Here are some picks that I am loving right now......

Florals are on my mind and I have a Jean Smith canvas in my stash already but I also love this one from a store I frequent when in Boston.  See it here.

Ewe and Eye is one of my favorite designers.  Their folksy designs go well in a country house.  I have one of their canvases in my stash already.  I also like these and you can buy their designs at a discount at a trunk show right now.  See the selection here.

I would change the name on the canvas above - Black Willow Farm - and add your initials, a name or the name of a farm or even a special date. I do that sometimes.  It's easy to do.

This is from the Maggie and Company trunk show.  You can shop the show here.

This is a Pippin canvas, also a trunk show (15 percent off) at The Needlepointer in Washington state.  See it here.  In case you haven't noticed, I have a bunny fetish. 

There is also a Charley Harper trunk show at the same store. His designs are unique and fun.  See this one here.

More flowers. Tulips are one of my favorite flowers.  And because they don't last very long, maybe it's better to stitch them. Love this one.  See it here.

Fabulous horse show ornament.  See it here.

I've had this one on my radar for years.  Great pillow.  See it here.

And I have always wanted to order from Needlepoint, Inc. in San Francisco. They make their own designs and silk threads and you can only buy their stuff there.  It is expensive.  But love some of their florals, bunnies and fox hunting designs.  Here are some of my favorites but you can check out the site here.  You can order online.  

This is a 2 x 3 rug and I am itching to do another rug but I have two in my stash already (yes, my stash is that big).

Love these!

And I love this sampler. It is big, 16 x 16, and it's 18 mesh so this would be a nice long winter project.  See it here.

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Hi: I enjoy your blog so much. I've been needlepointing for years. I've often thought of doing a rug, but I am unsure how you care for them. My partner and I are super-neat people so I am not too worried about it becoming too soiled, but we are human. Can you write something about how you care for your needlepoint rugs? Also, I can help you alleviate your rug stash by one; I think you purchased one recently that I love--something with a horse theme, of course! Thanks for your blog!

    1. Hi Mark. I have my needlepoint rugs cleaned. You can send them to a rug cleaner or a good dry cleaner. You can also spot clean them at home. Thanks for reading. Glad to know you are also an avid stitcher. Rugs don't take as long as you think to stitch especially if they are in 10 or 14 count. Goes a lot faster!

    2. I've made/finished several needlepoint rugs. The first one, when finished, was about to be put in place when my husband asked what I'd do when one of the cats spit up on it. I replied that it would then be broken in. Fortunately wool is very resilient and I was able to clean up spills, spits etc. I've also taken them to the dry cleaner. They're all holding up very well given three children and assorted cats.

    3. Thanks for the replies! A long time ago, I did a belt on 14-count, and it did seem to go a lot quicker. Most of my projects are on 18-count these days. Again, I wasn't thinking wool because I rarely use that anymore. That's encouraging on two fronts. I am working on a Kate Dickerson belt now--you know the one, likely: Gucci-inspired green with red stripe, bits. But a rug might be next on the to-do list! Happy stitching!

  2. Ann,
    Would love to see some of your finished needlepoint and how you use it throughout your home.
    Have a wonderful day.

    1. Thank you Jennifer. I can do that! Stay tuned.


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