Sunday, May 17, 2020

Sunday Musings

Sundays are usually a day of rest unless you live on a farm.  This time of year there is especially no down time - mowing season and the garden is progressing (more to come).  It's a good thing there are no horse shows as we are not horse show fit either. Here are some fun finds this Sunday morning.  Enjoy!

I have had my eye on this really cute Tory Burch jean skirt and initially thought it might be too short but have had second thoughts.  It is greatly reduced now at Nordstrom's and is also on sale at Tory Burch. Worth a try? This might become a wardrobe staple for years to come.  Wear now with cute sandals. Add tights and a sweater in cooler weather. 

(Tory Burch Skirt)

Gardening is on the brain right now and this decadent letter holder, bill holder, seed holder brings the garden indoors! Love this and doesn't it belong in a country house?  See it here.

The writer E.B. White (Charlotte's Web) wife Katherine was also an author and gardener (they both wrote for the New Yorker).  Her book Onward and Upward in the Garden is a compilation of her garden columns written for The New Yorker and remains a pleasant read for gardeners and armchair gardeners today. It's in my shopping cart and what's not to love about good writing and good gardening tips.  See it here.

Speaking of gardens, doesn't this dress remind you of one?  See it here.

While we are sheltering in place here on the farm, we are also making life more cozy and comfortable with these chairs that I have had my eye on for quite some time.  The upper deck looks great but it is not comfortable in any way.  Loving these...... Miles Redd for Ballard Designs but certainly needs the aqua cushion.

Hubby gave me this cute tin a few years ago and I still don't know what to use it for.  It's far too cute to go in the barn. It looks just like Sega!  And it's tall enough for pasta but this won't get put in the pantry. See it here.

And there isn't much horse news but one of my favorite mares, Monomoy Girl, made her racing re-entrance yesterday after a long-awaited 18 months off. She was the top three-year-old filly in 2018 winning an amazing number of stakes races that year.  After winning the Breeder's Cup race for fillies, she had a bought with colic in early 2019.  It took her a while to come back and then last year she pulled a muscle in training.  Well, she's finally back, and in her typical great form winning her first race of 2020 at Churchill Downs. She also reminds me of Sega (she looks just like her) and also loves to win like Sega!  Glad she is back!  We saw her win at Keeneland in 2018.  Love a great mare!

(America's Best Racing Photo)

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