Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Snail Mail is Back

Writing letters should have never gone out of style and in our post-pandemic world (will we ever get there?) perhaps it'll stick around.  I love sending notes and enjoy receiving them even more. And you can't have too much stationary in your stationary stash (first cousin to needlepoint stash). Here are some picks if your stash needs a little attention.....

Love these monogrammed notes (you can pick any color for the monogram - I am loving the hot pink and lime green) with colored envelopes.  And you can't beat the price either.

Of course you can't forget the horsey notes.  Love these monogrammed ones.  See them here.

Love these vintage looking notes, albeit without monogram, but who cares? These are lovely.  See them here.

You can design your own at this shop with a preppy vibe.  See them here.

 Love these too!

And if you have not discovered Dixie Designs then you should.  How do you pick?  This stuff is just too darn cute for words. Shop the site here.

Love these foxes.  See them here.

Or these from The Printery that come with the most divine lined envelopes. I had a box of these but all gone now.  Order them here.

Or these toile note cards. Love this.  See them here.

Be stylish in your communications too!  Love my stationary stash.   Stay safe.  Stay home! 


  1. I was lucky enough to purchase a box The Printery pagoda note cards ON SALE at Saks. Great post!

    1. I have a box of the horse racing ones (lined in orange) but I save them for very special notes. Love the brand!


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