Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Make Mine Summer

Memorial Day Weekend is upon us after a week of rain that is solidly here.  The grass will definitely be green by Friday afternoon and quite tall. LOL. We all know that this will be a summer like no other.  No large family vacations, no summer camp, no travel, very limited if any horse showing. It will be a summer of books, gardening, cookouts with immediate family only, and quiet solitude for many.  Hunker down my friends and enjoy this quiet time when nature regains the earth even if just temporarily.  There is no traffic, little pollution, no rush to be anywhere.

You can make your summer stylish, fun, comfortable and quite memorable too.  Start by perking up your dinner table and patio with stylish linens that screen summer:

Love these napkins from Amanda Lindroth.  And your wallet will too. See them here.

Love these napkins available in blue, coral or green.  You can't go to the islands but the islands can come to you.  See them here.

Love these handmade napkins for the summer table, on Etsy. See them here.

Love these batik napkins, also from Amanda Lindroth.  See them here.

Love this set of mismatched napkins for the summer table from Anthro.  See them here.

 These placemats are divine and couple them with any of the napkins above.  The islands are coming to your patio this summer!  See them here.

Love these colored seagrass placemats.  Lovely way to make your table scream summer immediately.  No 80 degree temperatures required.  See them here.

These placemats from India Armory's collection will add some warmth to your table no matter where you live. 

I've always wanted to do the pareo thing.  You can also use this as a shawl and if you are really clever, even a tablecloth. 

I am into hats this summer as we'll be spending hours upon hours outdoors on the farm.  There is something stylish about a hat and we all know how bad sun is for the skin.  Why not start a collection?  Love this one from Lola Hats:

This hat, also from Lola Hats, looks like it's seen a few summers already, hence it's charm.  See it here.

This hat is so Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's!  See it here.

Love this vintage hat on Etsy. See it here.

I am waiting for the photos of your newly set table, cocktail in hand, hat on head.  Have a stylish long weekend coming up!

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