Friday, May 15, 2020

Friday Finds

We went from 28 degrees to 78 degrees in a matter of days this week but I believe spring, I mean summer, has arrived.  It's time to pull out the summer clothes, the floppy hats and the suntan lotion.  Here are a few things on my mind and my calendar this weekend......

Love this "Pandemic Dress" that is so darn cute and would be perfect with sandals for the patio.   J Crew is slowly returning to its old form. See it here.

And if you loved the old J Crew please read this article in Town & Country about what we all still miss.  

We would have traveled to Baltimore for the Black-Eyed Susan Stakes and the Preakness today. Now it seems like it was just a dream that happened years ago.  How the world has changed in a matter of months.  To honor the famous race, you can watch American Pharoah's 2015 run tomorrow on NBC and they will announce the new date for the Preakness. But my guess is the race will be run without spectators.

Love these sandals from Tory Burch, greatly reduced and they are a perfect summer staple for your wardrobe.  See them here in black and tan.

Earlier in the week someone made a comment on Instagram about a Delft Bulb Box.   Did you know that the glass companies made beautiful "bulb boxes" to start tulip bulbs back in the 1920's and 1930's?  The came in different sizes.  I have three of them in my glass collection, a very small white one, and two large ones, a black one and an aqua one. I rarely see them for sale but when I do.......

There is one for sale on Ebay right now (the two large ones I have are like this one):

These lovely pieces were used to start or force tulips. I have grown Paper Whites in my black one and it makes for a stunning statement.  Life was so much more refined back then.......don't get me started on today's instant gratification world, especially right now....

This is from an old Tiffin Glass Company catalog. Tiffin was an Ohio-based company that made some beautiful elegant glass.  I love the history behind the old glass.  

I just added these to my growing needlepoint stash. You can find these at Po's Point in Charlotte:

This is what I am currently working on, however. The horse is almost done but I don't have the background color picked out yet.  I did the horse in Pepperpot Silk, Silk Road and Vineyard Silk threads. I have a green horse also in my stash.  I was told that these are being discontinued by Kate Dickerson.

I would love to add this rug to my stash and will try to find it this year at a trunk show. Isn't it stunning?

Lilly's summer collection has arrived and while I love vintage Lilly best, the new stuff isn't so bad. Snatched this tunic (it has not arrived yet) and there is a lot of Lilly to love this season. Everyone feels better in Lilly. See it here.

Also love these:

Happy Friday!


  1. the rug is stunning ! I'd love to see you do it and you've gotten me itching to do a rug too. A koi rug by Shorebirds I think is in my future. I love your blog but don't believe I've ever commented. happy weekend ! Mel


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